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Update on my alternative therapies

I wrote a long post yesterday but it appears not to have posted successfully, so forgive me if this turns out to be a duplication. PMR: I have had my fourth low level light treatment. The physiotherapist says the muscles in my back are more relaxed than they were when I started, and certainly my back has felt better. Whether it is having any effect on PMR inflammation, only time will tell, but there has been a definite improvement in my spine where I have osteoarthritis and was aware for a very long time of a tender place over the affected vertebrae. That tenderness vanished early on and has not recurred. I'm currently at 8 mg pred, starting to taper to 7.5.

Osteoporosis: I have been gathering several new-to-me supplements, having ditched the standard multivitamins and D3 tablets. These include a special formula for strong bones (calcium in the form of hydroxyapatite), K2-7, cod liver oil (for Vitamin A in its retinoid form and more D). I'm also on the lookout for a reliable source of genuine free-range hens eggs (will probably be out of luck until spring), and have bought some organic ghee to replace standard butter. On alternate days I wear a weighted walking vest. Yesterday I wore it for 12 consecutive hours, except the hour at physiotherapy, and I must say I thought I would float to the ceiling when I took it off! It is very comfortable and I forget I have it on. Will gradually wear it most days, and when I'm adapted to the weight will start to add more weights, to continually challenge the skeleton. ;)

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