PMR and Breast Cancer diagnosis

Hi, diagnosed with PMR in March 2013. Currently on 4 mg. prednisone and using the slow method to reduce to 3- been trying this unsuccessfully since July 2015. Get to 3 for 4 days and then need to go back to 4. Anyhow, trying again. Thursday had biopsy- Friday results came back with found two cancerous tumors- 1 in breast (1 cm) and 2nd in lymph node under arm (less than 5 cm). My doctor felt the arm one on my exam and the breast one did not show on mammogram (neither did the lymph one) but ultrasound found breast and lymph. Been having shoulder, neck front chest issues for 9-10 months- thought PMR- may be related- go back to oncologist on Tuesday for more thorough consult. Any information I need to give them re PMR? Your advise will be appreciated.

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  • can't give any advice just good luck :)

  • Thank you!

  • I had breast cancer at the beginning of last year before I was diagnosed with PMR. I was operated on successfully and am now more worried about the PMR. I cannot Therefore give you any advice, but just wanted to say that I am thinking of you and wish you lots of good luck with this new challenge.

  • Thank you Jan24. I hope you are doing well with both your PMR and breast cancer. The best of luck with your recovery as well! Thanks again for your wishes. It is very much appreciated.

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