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I'm very anxious about barium meal results. Has anyone had similar results? Apparently my stomach doesn't look normal! There are lots of gaps where the barium didn't go and this could mean polyps or other things. I have to have a camera down my throat now, which I'm terrified about! Anybody have any advice, I would be grateful? I have PMR, GCA, problems with my eyes to do with macula and retina, superior canal dehiscence, osteo arthritis, depression and anxiety.


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  • HI Helen,

    Sorry to hear you've got to have the camera - let me give you the benefit of my (biased) experience as I've had it too...the nurses may try to persuade you not to have any sedation - don't listen! I had a horrendous experience when I decided to do without, and if you're at all nervous about it take whatever's on offer. This is'nt meant to scare you and you may be one of those lucky people who are not phased by it all. Good luck.

  • You know, you reminded me that I had a camera sent down to my stomach when I was quite young, late twenties I guess. I was naturally terrified. They gave me some sort of injection and I relaxed completely, and was even quite interested when they (briefly) let me look at the monitor. I'd always visualized my stomach as a dirty dark green, but of course it is red!

  • To be honest I didn't realise they still did barium meals before an endoscopy! Usually you will be sedated if you really need it so you shouldn't remember much but you can't be put out fully as you need to be able to swallow for the tube to go down. They spray the back of your throat so you won't gag on it. Using the endoscope they can see exactly what is there and can take a sample to examine. Sometimes they will remove small polyps at the same time. But there is no need to worry in advance - they will tell you what they find and if there is nothing more than a few polyps all they will do is keep an eye on them. My mother-in-law was very anaemic for years and it finally occurred to her GP to send her for investigation - an abnormal barium meal led to them finding polyps which they removed, a few re-grew and were removed. No more bleeding and no more anaemia - and nothing nasty at all.

    Remember to tell them you have a history of anxiety and there won't be any problem being given something to help you relax. If you have to wait long for the appointment for the scope maybe it is worth talking to your GP about the anxiety?

  • If you are anxious like I was, INSIST on some sedation, I did and it was fine, and just had a slightly sore throat for a few days.

    Good luck

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