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Trip to America

I'm going to a big family do in USA soon, my first time in America. I'll be there a fortnight staying in various places. It will be fun and I'm looking forward to it but I know it will be stressful.

I'm getting a bit apprehensive , so any advice would be welcome, particularly on things like managing travel, time changes vis a vis when to take my pred, extra fatigue and so on.

I'm on 12mg pred at the moment and it seems ok. I won't carry on with the slow reduction while I'm there.

I often sleep badly which gives me a bad day following, and I sometimes hit the fatigue buffers if I don't pace myself. Aches and pains are helped by Bowen treatment.

For everyone's sake I want to be able to enjoy it all.

Any ideas on the best way to manage? Thanks in anticipation.

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I don't have too many problems with long haul flights except the inevitable stiffness. However, I do prefer to get to the airport comfortably - we have a longish drive and normally go the night before and stay in a hotel for a morning/early afternoon flight. Going to China though we drove over in the morning for an evening flight - left a lot of time messing about at the airport which a night in a hotel would have avoided, we wouldn't have had to factor in traffic delay possibilities. Believe me - there is NOWHERE comfortable to wait in any airport unless you pay for a lounge service - no idea what they cost or whether that is cheaper than a night in a hotel with shuttle/parking included. Whether you think you need it or not see if you can get assistance at the airport - there is nothing worse with PMR than having to rush to another part of a very large airport and Heathrow in particular is enormous if you have a connecting flight and there it is worth having the connecting flight the day before and the hotel there.

Try not to plan anything for the first day you get there that you can't miss without problems so you can rest if you need - especially flying from the UK to the USA. It can be a VERY long day because of the time shift. I take a slightly larger dose of pred that morning to last me for the more than 24 hours that day will be. I've always managed to get through with an early bedtime. OH is hopeless, he refuses to go to bed however exhausted he is until the clock says bedtime! It all depends what time your flight is and where you are going though. Having survived that first long day with a bigger dose of pred I immediately go back to taking the normal dose in the morning. and at the usual time. It works for me - it might not work as well for you but it is about all you can do.

Remember though what your limits are - if you have a party in the evening, rest in the afternoon to save up energy. And enjoy it all.


Many thanks for that. Getting to the airport shouldn't be a problem as I live fairly near to Heathrow and the flight is at a sensible time.

And your other advice is reassuring!


When we flew to S Korea I slept for the best part of 24 hours after we got there, but that is going the other way, the way that is supposed to be more difficult and the flights are called the red eye for good reason! We'd had a very long day, having a connection in Helsinki. We got to Seoul and had to be social and have lunch with our host - by the end I was about asleep in my soup after 24 hours travelling! I went to bed and slept until early next morning, got onto a train to the other side of Korea and pretty much dozed all the way and went back to bed. Then I got up in the evening and went for dinner and was fine for the rest of the trip. That will be you coming back - when it won't matter so much and you can sleep in your own bed!

Just try to think a couple of days ahead so you can store up on rest if necessary.



good advice from PMRPro, I'll just add a couple of things. Have you requested assistance both ends. The first time I did it, I felt a bit guilty, but not anymore. It makes things so much easier; there is usually such a long walk in any airport, particular for long-haul flights, LHR being no exception (I flew to NZ last Xmas/New Year) - and no charge. LHR uses a buggy that takes about 6 people so there may be a little wait, but they like to get those less abled on the flight first. Getting off, you have to wait 'til last, but you still get to baggage reclaim in plenty of time (they know the short cuts) and if necessary will take you through to border control.

Get your mind set into your destination times, and work your tablets around that, you'll probably end up taking more one way than the other but better that than not enough.

Ask your hosts not to book anything for your first day there, explaining your situation if they don't already know it. That way you won't feel pressurised to do something you don't want to, and they won't feel guilty making you.

As PMRPro says, pace yourself, as you would at home. Take extra tablets just in case, don't reduce before or whilst you're away, let yourself be spoilt, and most importantly enjoy yourself!


Just wondering what the Bowen treatment is? Never heard of it. Thanks.


It's a form of very gentle massage. You almost wonder what's happening with it its so light but I've found it really effective. It's helped me a lot in easing pain and helping my body. But I've heard it doesn't work for everyone. You can find a practitioner if you check out the website for Bowen Therapy. Hope you find someone and it helps!

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