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Pain on Monday own fault

Talking to my sister Told her about Monday's pain and that I could not work out were it came from ,she just looked at me and said how did you get to the harbour wall in New Quay ,down a chuffing hill that must be 500yards long no other way up so you walked back.Message to self no long hills Going to Mablethorph in motor home on Tuesday hubby has told me no hills .

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Mmm!! Been there, blah, blah...... Trouble is when you feel alright you do these stupid things!

Just do as hubby says .. for a change. Enjoy.

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Olive, we are always saying what a learning curve this PMR/GCA malarkey is - another lesson learnt! I always remember finding hills a challenge in my steroid days, even little hills such as the one in Windsor for those who know it - in fact, even now off steroids, I still find that one a challenge but probably more to due with anno domini these days!! Enjoy your trip and come back well!


Similar monday aches, figured out that mine are due to picking up grand children!


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