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Has anyone developed severe nerve pain after a bout with shingles? It is in the same area as the PMR girdle pain but is much more intense and does not seem to be affected by prednisone. I am bent over like an ape and have to crawl up the stairs, it does not have the same feel as the pain I had when I was in the thick of a Shingles episode but my rash still itches although the pain has moved to another area. I had stopped the gabapentin and am now back on it as well as duloxetine. Just wondered if anyone else has had this experience. Thanks

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  • It is actually quite common and is called post-herpetic neuralgia. Shingles is like chicken-pox and only last a few weeks - but very often you hear of people complaining their shingles lasted for a long time and it is because they developed PHN.

    I don't know if there is any treatment that will shorten it though.

  • Thanks for your quick reply. I guess my investment in a cute little chair/walker with wheels was a good one :-)

  • Hi 30048,

    Unfortunately post hermetic neuralgia can be a big problem for some people. Drugs like Amatriptilline and Gabapentin should help. If they don't then ask about the possibility of lignocaine patches ( expensive but excellent ) or a nerve block. Some people get good relief from capsaicin cream once the shingles lesions are totally healed, I am sure it can be bought over the counter. It may just be trial and error till you find something that works for you.

  • Thank you . I have tried to find that cream and have not been successful ...I will look again. The nerve block is a possibility in the future.

  • Sorry 30048, just looked online and capsaicin cream is a prescription only medication. I think you can buy it over the counter at much lower concentrations.

    It would be worth asking your GP as its bound to work out cheaper than most other drugs to treat this problem.


    This is a good overview.

  • It was a good overview. My concern was that the pain has moved from the rash area to where my PMR pain has been and is not the same as what I experienced while I was in the first two months of Shingles. . it is on the same side but lower. I just am not sure of the diagnosis but it is probably correct as I am atypical about everything it seems. ;)

  • 30048, I didn't experience what I would call actual ongoing pain following my bout of shingles, but a sort of pricking sensation, especially to the touch, but, like you, it wasn't in the area of the rash. The rash was three-quarters of the way up my arm but the sensation was felt on the wrist area. It lasted very many months. I guess as the nerves are affected, then the pain can move anywhere along the length of the particular nerve. I do hope your's eases soon.

  • Thank you.

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