Just a big THANKS for your advise

Hi guys,

We are back after 5,000 km drive for a holiday in the UK. I was thinking about the question I asked you all about going up in pred for the journey. I decided to stay on 4 1/8 mg per day. Had no problems except the normal, as I said before, backside, hips and as usual, hands. So I am well pleased with your advise, as I was going to up the pred.

Because we all have some different problems, mine as above, but especially the hands. I read an article about a product called GOPO and it was supposed to be a life changer for people with problems with joints etc. I thought it might help my hands. But after taking full course, it did nothing for me. So back to normal :(

We stayed an extra week in the UK than normal, because we were expecting the birth of our first grandchild. Unfortunately she was born the day we arrived back home. But all went well and we have a beautiful granddaughter.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the summer.

Best regards


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Congrats on your granddaughter, and your holiday. Once you've done something like that, it gives you more confidence to cope with PMR et al.


I've just spent 3 weeks in China - with the obvious longhaul flights there and back. I stuck at 5mg for the entire time which is where I feel more comfortable than at 4mg. It also meant fewer tablets to take with me! I've done steps all over the place in 30C+ temps with high humidity - had I known what was involved I probably wouldn't have booked the tour. As it was I had a fantastic time. Taking the step is the big ask I think.

How inconsiderate of the little Miss - shame you couldn't have had another week. We are still considering when we go this year. August is good - we won't go anywhere here when it is so full - but OH is waiting to hear when someone is coming over to discuss science! Probably end of August... :-(


So glad all went well for you. Shame that the stork didn't arrive whilst you were here - a good excuse for a return journey! Many congratulations from one new grandparent to another - our's is a little grandson....well actually a rather big grandson at 9lbs 3ozs!

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