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I have been reading an article on health conditions caused by drinking large amounts of diet drinks containing aspartame. Many of the conditions sound like PMR. Tiredness, fatigue and muscle pain. Also identified in relation to MS and Fybromyalgia. Has anyone seen any research or heard anything about this. I know I drink copious amounts of diet drinks and have done for too many years. Any one else?

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Sorry I can't offer any help with this as I generally avoid all foods/drinks with additives such as aspartame. I feel sure It can only benefit you to reduce that hefty intake!


Diet drinks can be very dehydrating and people who drink a lot generally have to wean themselves off them.

Have you thought about making some flavoured waters? Just fill a litre jar with water and add things like cucumber or lemon slices, fresh mint, strawberries ( any thing you like really ) and let them steep for an hour. They are very refreshing and healthy.


I have PMR, have had it for 10 years and counting. I have never drunk diet soft drinks on a regular basis nor do I eat processed foods that might contain any such sweetener. There are a lot of things about dietary connections to such things that are greatly over-exaggerated - not that I'm suggesting there is no association. I drink water - not even flavoured waters though I do drink a fair bit of tea and prefer my H2O to have bubbles in it...


A couple of years ago I was suffering pains in my head (tender scalp and feeling as though I was pressing on a bruise when I touched it but no bruise or bumps), I saw my GP who said it was nothing to worry about as it was outside my skull not inside (how wrong I now know that is). I read an article about aspartame at the time and queried asked him about this, he rubbished the whole idea but I thought it was worth a try and within a couple of weeks of not having anything with aspartame in it the pains had gone. They returned a couple of months ago and I again visited the GP where I was lucky enough to see a locum who gave an initial diagnosis of Temporal Arteritis and started me on 60mg of prednisolone straight away. The diagnosis was confirmed by the rheumatologist at the hospital and I'm gradually reducing the prednisolone. Is there a connection between this and aspertame? I have no idea and as the doctors don't seem to take the possibility seriously I'm not sure we'll ever find out! I still avoid aspartame because it may well help to do so.


I've always thought diet pop was a foolish idea, on a par with decaffeinated coffee and tea or skim milk. The best bits removed.... If you don't want sugar (or caffeine) drink something else. Like a herbal tisane, water, kefir.... That being said I think research is now showing that diet pop is as bad for us as the sugary variety, even though it lacks calories. My brother-in-law is the only close family member on that side who has had heart problems. He had to have a stent installed. He is also the only person in the family who appeared to be addicted to soda. I seldom bought it, and when he visited us some years ago he actually went and bought his own supply because he couldn't do without it.

So, aspartame or not, I think you would do well to reduce your intake of soft drinks.


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