'Flu while on pred

Has anyone experienced particulary severe 'flu while on pred for GCA? I have been reducing the dose & am currently on 15mg a day and Methotrexate 15mg a week. All was going well until I caught 'flu (not something I am usually susceptible to) 4 days ago. I have never experienced such a bad bout with a fever of 100 + and fearsome cough. i am feeling really ill.

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What rotten luck, as if GCA isn't more than enough to cope with. It isn't unusual to succumb to such viruses though when our immune systems are being compromised by the high dose steroids.

It might help to increase your steroid dose for a few days, perhaps just to 17.5 until you feel a little better. Otherwise, just the usual remedies, such as paracetamol if you are able to take it, lots of hot water with lemon juice and Manuka honey drinks (the latter can help support the immune system apart from having many other benefits), and fresh garlic, plus plenty of rest.

I do hope you feel better soon.


Thank you for your answer. Maybe one should avoid public transport and crowded places while on steroids?

Curiously, although

I have hardly eaten for 4 days, my weight has hardly changed. I thought at least I might have some benefit from this virus!

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Hi I think I am experiencing the same as you have reduced prednisone to 12.5mg don't get flu as a rule but I am feeling really poorly, headaches, back pain, a real deep cough and generally feeling dreadful.


It does sound very similat. I am very sorry & hope you are better soon.


Just had my first proper meal in three days, hope you will soon be feeling better😊


Had it in January - temperature, cough, misery! The acute symptoms didn't last long, but it really dragged me down for several weeks and six months later, I still have a stuffy nose. Sorry - that won't cheer you up! Hopefully we will get some decent weather when you can sit outside and soak up some VitD and there is a lot of nice fruit (as well as salad veg) in the shops which will (may) help to counteract the weight problem - something most of us suffer from. Good luck and good health.


I don't know why it should help to hear that others have also suffered but it does! Thanks for your sympathy and taking the trouble to reply.


Misery loves company!

I've been very lucky - far fewer colds since being on pred but I do live halfway up a mountain and avoid sniffling people as much as I can! My husband missed his flu jab 18 months ago and had a really bad dose over the winter - I'd had mine and despite being in the same flat didn't get it!


Certainly had my 'flu jab. I haven't had a cold since last November.


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