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High progesterone and adrenal fatigue help please?


I've been using progesterone replacement cream for over 5 years now and had a saliva test

done. The results have come back today and are extremely high, can high progesterone

make adrenal fatigue worse. I posted a few days ago about my thyroid and got some very useful

help, which I'm now doing, but I wondered about my adrenal fatigue and progesterone and if

it is making things worse.

My results are:

Progesterone Post Menopause >4000.00 pg/ml range 47.94 - 233.16

Oestrogen Post Menopause 1.10 pg/ml range 1.01 - 2.56

Progesterone/Oestrogen ratio Post Menopause 3,636.4 pg/ml range 33.0 - 116.0

I know it will be a little higher because of using the cream, but this seems ridiculously high and

I wondered if this is why I can't get better properly. My doctor says it's my adrenals, but I wasn't so sure

because I'm doing everything I should and felt it was more to do with my Thyroid.

Could anyone offer some advice please or has anyone else had his problem.

Thank you.


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