Hi all could any one tell me what the down side of been on this weekly pill is please, I have been on it for 2 1/2 years now and i am going for a scan in june and that will be three years since the last scan i do have osteoporosis and a lot of disc that have collapsed, it just been on this wonderful forum that i have heard say you need a break from this after so many years, I have been off the preds i month now, many thanks in anticipation.Anne

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  • I know they recommend a break after 5 year. I also take it, have done since I started Pred over 2 year ago. I had my repeat bone scan recently and it had improved by 3%. My GP & Rheumy both said iAA would continue for 6-12 months after I stopped Pred. Hope this helps Runrig x

  • Not really anything to add to what runrig has said - it is now recommended that it shouldn't be taken for longer than 5 years because of side-effects that can happen with very long term use.

  • I have been taking Alendronic 70mg weekly for nearly a year now, and Dr said to leave off when I got below 5mg Pred. However now I've upped Pred from 7 to 10 mg with ideas I will stay on 10 mg for some time it seems I may be taking Alendronic for some time too. Would others agree I need to have a bone scan? Not had one to date.

  • Hello Parijm, I was certainly given a Dexa scan as soon as I was put on steroids but it sounds to me as though you've been put on AA as a precaution anyway. There is no harm in asking your GP or Rheumy, though, or mentioning any reluctance you feel about long-term usage. Sorry I can't be more help.

  • It is definitely helpful to read your reply. Thanks. This PMR is quite a solitary journey with little information provided, together with general ignorance of the condition. I wonder how many patients with PMR my GP has dealt with. In fact I have seen 3 different GPs at my local health centre in this my 1st year with PMR. Aches and pains go hand in hand with older people but if I hear anyone say that they also suffer with aches and stiffness when they get up. How little they realise how debilitatated we can feel. I am seeing a Rheumatologist this week for the first time and I have so many questions! I want to stay as fit as I can for as long as possible and I'm looking to do all I can to help myself and reduce the probability of PMR staying with me.

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