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Slow reduction of preds at low levels?

I have had GCA since Jan 2013 and am now having difficulty reducing from 3 to 2. I saw on the site a few months ago a slow reduction plan something like. old dose 1 day/ new dose 2 days, old dose 1 day new dose 3 days. Could you please let me know exactly what this was as I would like to try this. As I'm sure you all experience the rheumy will say as she did to me 'its in your hands, their are different ways to do it, its a game'. I would like to feel I am playing the right one that works for most people. I have found the site very helpful as it is a strange and very fuzzy condition and varies from one to another but we all seem to have similar symptoms and at least I don't feel so isolated when I can read what you are all getting on with it. I do feel much better in myself now but still have strange pressure headaches which no one can give me an answer to. So I am just hoping that when I finish the preds they will go away!!

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Here's the link

If you lose it, you can also find it by using the search box on the top right of the page which then brings up a list of posts where the plan is mentioned.

You may need to go even slower if you are going down at such low doses. If you are on ordinary white pred tablets you can also get a pill cutter to reduce the drop to 1/2mg.


Thank you I will follow your instructions and will let you know how I get on.

Little Wren


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