A&E is a nice place on Wednesday . Had a bad fall outside argos felt a right fool 2 young women came to help us hubby insisted on A&E have ended up with very badly bruised right shin and left Breast possibly cracked rib . Very nice doctor in and out 1 hour .Got up today not feeling right but me being me just carried on as normal . Upshot is Iam the reluctant owner of a walking stick grandchildren been round and I have been told if thy see me outside the house without it thy will tell gramps (tell-tail)they have given me some nice pain killers,electric bed will come in handy

Most importantly I can fly to Portugal on Saturday

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  • Oh poor you! Portugal sounds like a pretty good place to recover! Enjoy!

  • Do take care & have a lovely stay in Portugal. Eyes down for obstacles!

  • Have a good time in Portugal did your holiday insurance go up with having PMR?

  • No it stayed the same we have it as a add on to bank account and when we called them thy just noted it and sent me written confirmation to carry with me

  • Better take a bit more gin with it next time!!! And all's well that ends well - have fun in Portugal. Just not TOO much fun - you don't want matching bruises on the other side ;-)

  • Hope you recover quickly Olive. My most embarrassing fall was on the travelator at our local Tesco. Turned round to hear what OH was saying and caught my foot on the ledge at the bottom. Travelator still moving, and nothing for me to grab hold of to pull myself up. A kind lady older than me helped me as OH was behind me and further up the travelator. I always come down behind him now....lol

  • Grandchildren walked me to post box with new walking stick they are fussing over me .Right shin black try to bring brusing on rib out . As for the gin no change being a friend of Bill W for 15 years on 8March this year

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