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Best gadget

Just before Christmas brought a new steamer a morphy richards intelligent one square in shape 3compartments with timers .Makes life so easy can put baby potatoes cooking time 30mins broccoli,cauliflower,cooking time 20mins, salmon steak in foil .set and turn on pings when done ,dish up expensive £75 on offer use it every day .it's the effects of GCA that made me look at getting this I was having trouble with lifting pans and one day I dropped a section of my old three tier steamer in front of hubby that was it .

He told me to get anything that would make me safe or give up cooking he would take over !!!!!!

So what if any thing has anybody brought to help


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I'd have accepted the offer of him taking over the cooking! Provided of course his cooking skills are better than those of my husband! Fried egg and chips, burger and chips, oven-done fish and chips - you get my drift? In the UK it is much more varied: bacon and steak pie join the menu...


If it goes on toast he can do it JP with if you can put bread with it and finish with cakes +frozen mash and pies. I don't help cooked for a living and till 18month's ago owned a small place of my own well cooked and presented food is important to me . Getting better not such a fusspot these days


Ah, right - the steamer was a better option! Yes - I'm less picky about presentation at home though I do love going to one of the local restaurants whose presentation is immaculate. Especially for their desserts - even I save room for a dessert there! It's a 40 min walk with a steep section of hill but it is worth walking there so I can have a glass of wine. We walk up for lunchtime, have a long leisurely meal and walk home - when it is all downhill. It isn't any more expensive than the places in the village where the quality is very good - but this place is superb.

I wonder if the ice on the footpath has melted yet...


MY Microwave Oven , 5mins, sweet corn, garden pees,mushrooms,open a tin of Sardines in oil mix in with a fork, super tasting low fat meal.& with a blender I also do home made soups.Being a Bloke my Motto tends to be that L do.Dave.


Before I was diagnosed positive with PMR in early January our old microwave oven packed up. As our conventional oven is below counter height - stupid to be installed in a retirement village- I found it hard to use as my PMR increased. I replaced the microwave with one that also does grilling and basic oven. I haven't used my conventional oven since. So no more cleaning the oven from floor level. I also feel it is probably much more economical with the electricity. I also have a slow cooker which is useful for soups etc.

It's interesting to hear what works for others.


We have a 23litre oven on the counter got when we had solar panels 5 years ago main oven is gas found it a real help over last few months . Slow cooker great as well I batch cook in mine as it is a 6person size I was all ways a bit of a forward planer hard landscape the back 10years ago had a 6ft double sliding door shower 4years ago +laminate flooring downstairs .


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