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KateGilbert's Book

Just got the book yesterday, and have had a good first read. Wow! I believe this is a must for those just recently diagnosed. It's full of good advice, and very informative. I had wondered if I had been correctly diagnosed with PMR, but I passed the "magnificent seven" test, so that most likely proves it.

After a month on steroids - mostly at 30mg - the pain is now under control, so I'm reducing to 25 as from tomorrow. GP continues to be very supportive, and is allowing me manage the situation. I'm wondering what your advice would be re how long to stay at 25mg, as this is still a pretty high dose. My thoughts are that if the pain stays under control for a couple of weeks, then perhaps I can try at 20.

However, your posts are full of warnings about reducing too quickly, so I am not so sure what to try for the best.

Also, I'm going to take up racquet ball again, as I hadn't been able to do this for 3 months. Bell ringing - another hobby is proving ok, as it hasn't hurt to be pulling down; about the only thing that didn't hurt!

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I have GCA and this book is my bible mark pages up for family and friends so they understand , they need to read and get up to speed as for reduction 10% a month is normal speed


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