PMr and coughs and colds

Hello, and happy Christmas and happy, and healthy, New Year.

Has anyone any experience of flares of PMR when they have had other illnesses? I have had The Cough and Cold doing the rounds lately, and it has been bad. The PMR was tootling along, but this last two days, after having The Cough and The Cold for the last month I have been in severe difficulties. I have just upped my Pred from 8mg to 10mg to see if this will ease things off.

Be glad of your thoughts. Thank you.

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At one time it was suggested by doctors that if you had an injury or infection or needed surgery you might need a slightly higher dose of pred for a short time. It is because the body is under stress and is often unable to produce extra cortisol (the natural corticosteroid essential for life) to help you cope with it. For some patients with known impaired adrenal function they are given another shorter-acting corticosteroid to help them cope with stress or illness. Meanwhile doctors are so terrified of pred they wouldn't suggest it - but you must always tell the healthcare professionals you are on pred if you have an accident or are taken ill. That applies for up to a year after stopping pred altogether.

You should certainly never try to reduce when unwell - and definitely should insist you need more rest and TLC when you have an infection! ;-)


Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate you taking the time to write. I am up to 10mg Pred and hoping to hold the situation like that for a couple of weeks before dropping the dose again.

Thanks again and a happy healthy new year to you and yours.


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