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There have been several queries on the forum in recent months about obtaining travel insurance when you have a preexisting condition - often a minefield! It is particularly important for anyone with a chronic condition to get it right.

I thought you might be interested in this extract from the Vasculitis UK newsletter:

Vasculitis UK have a comprehensive list of companies who provide travel insurance for patients with pre-existing conditions.

Details are available on the V-UK website:

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I notified the company with whom I hold annual travel insurance. The condition gets referred to OSG independent medical screening services. There was no problem continuing with my policy and no extra premium


Unlike Wells77 my travel insurance with Saga rocketed. I had heart attacks in 1996 and 2001 and was diagnosed with diabetes 2 in 2002. All that was on my insurance record and we , I am now 74 and my wife 76, had a reasonable annual travel policy. Two years ago I had just received the renewal document and was not sure whether to tell them about PMR. Comments from others suggested that it would make no difference and, rather than invalidate the policy, we asked them to add PMR. Despite protesting that they already knew about the other conditions and had done so for some 10 years, I was subject a long questionnaire, all with Yes or No answers which did not allow any possible differences between people. They then refused an annual policy and doubled the cost of a one-off policy. I went round the market and everyone was using the same questionnaire. We are now have a joint annual policy with RIAS for £168 plus £600 for pre-existing conditions. What was annoying , over and above the £600, was the thought that had I stayed quiet about my PMR which is unlikely to cause a holiday crisis the insurance world would have had no excuse to include me in their new regime about pre-existing conditions.


PMR might not cause a crisis but you are at a higher risk of developing GCA - and a visit to an ED/ER in the USA to deal with that would be pricey! Especially if you hadn't declared the pre-existing PMR and they found out about it afterwards.

Saga is a joke - they claim to specialise in the over 50s but are no different from any other company when you develop the aches and pains of old age. I will have nothing to do with them. It is rip-off Britain though - when you take out insurance here they don't care what you have had but it is pretty expensive.


Agree with the comments re Saga. Have always had very high quotes from them for both motor and travel ,even when healthy and with claim free record. Have used annual travel insurance .com for several years. Their rates are competitive although I do only have Europe, not worldwide and have not needed to make a claim. Interestingly when I had to take out retirement annuity last year I attempted to get "enhanced policy" due to PMR. It was declined despite extremely long lists of relevant conditions, not unexpected but worth a try!


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