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GCA and Menstrual bleeding


Sorry guys I have to ask as rheamy is wondering if there is any connection here. . .

SO MEN. . , please feel free to ignore if you'd rather not read. . .

At the same time I started to experience ear pain, occipital headache, and swollen glands. I also started to bleed VERY heavy after 2 yrs of no periods, I thought I had stopped and entered the menopause. . If only. . .

The only way we have been able to stop this is to take Utovlan daily, we tried Tranexamic Acid, and Mefenamic Acid, and also the pill, Nacrez. . Nothing worked it got so bad that I could not leave the house and bearly stand up for nearly fainting, not to mention all the washing!! Ladies you will understand!

I'm off for a pelvic scan this week, to investigate any possible fibroids or such like. Which would be unlikely due to no periods for 2 yrs fibroids shrink once we stop producing estrogen . . .which reduces once we reach menopause. .

Anyway I'm wondering if anyone else has had problems in this area, and has been able to connect it to GCA is there any info you can point me to, and to show Rheumy . . She is still wondering if I do actually have GCA and all this is not something that stems from the "other end" as we joke. . .

After 2 yrs of no periods the general rule is, this is unexplained bleeding, and needs to be investigated urgently, it started 1st Oct . . . I've never suffered any problems in this area before.

Odd isn't it, and it's got GP and Rhemy wondering.

Many thanks for reading, and sorry again all you men out there. . Ha ha. . .

Regards Lisa x x

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That really is a new one on me! If it was PMR symptoms you had I would say, possibly. I think Celtic mentioned that there is a version of PMR syndrome that is due to hormones but it is very PMR-ish usually.

Maybe an endocrinologist might have some ideas? After all, there is the whole hypothalamus/thyroid/adrenal set-up that includes a load of other hormones.

Do tell us the sequalae - the men will look the other way!

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Thanks PMRpro

It is very odd isn't, but can't help thinking it has to be connected in some way,

No one is convinced I actually have GCA the doc in A & E last night was very open minded about it all, but her reasons were, I'm too young. . Clearly not according to all the info on here (I'm 51) and I don't have any scalp tenderness and all my head pain at back, so all her thoughts were a bit vague in my opinion from what I've read here, there us such a variety of symptoms and I do have very high CRP readings that respond well to Pred ...

She admitted last night it was pointless me having a biopsy in the hope of it being positive after being on Pred for 3 wks before the scheduled op. . But her words. . It's a box that needs to be ticked. . Great!

I'm sure we will get to the bottom of things in the end. . Pardon the pun! . . . Lisa x

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Don't let them keep saying you are too young. I know at least 5 people in the early fifties who have had GCA.

Have you been referred to an Obstetrician?

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Yes I've been referred to the Gynaecology dept this Monday to get things rolling . .

Just a thought but one that been kind of mentioned by GP . .

Unexplained bleeding after 2 yrs could be ovarian cancer. . Which could explain my high inflammatory markers and headaches. . . . I really don't know and I really don't mind as long as we can FIX me. . Will keep you all posted. .on anything they find in the rear end . . Ha ha

It's quite a joke amount my friends .. How's the top half they ask, then how's the bottom half. . .

Home any one person can go from being fit as a fiddle got married on 27 the Sep and been poorly ever since . . . Is very odd. . . X x

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Not only are there quite a few people on the forums in their 50s but last year in South Wales a man of 37 died suddenly of a stroke so a post mortem was required. The pathologist established he had had undiagnosed GCA - after all, pathologists know it all but it is too late. There are also reports in the literature of cases in their teens and twenties - also histologically proven. It is, in fairness, usually given a different name (can't remember offhand what it is) but the cells are there.

However - in view of the other problems a thorough investigation is very very necessary.

Hi Lisa. Just to say I hope all goes well with your scan and you get an explanation very soon. You are having a horrible time of it, and I do hope you get sorted out quickly. The worry of your possible GCA and the unexplained bleeding on top of it must be very stressful for you. Please let us know how you get on Lisa. Wishing you well. Angela x

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Thanks Angela, yes it's been a rough ride lately, feeling a bit more stable this morning if that makes sense. . Answers would be great then we can treat it and I can get back to some sort of normality . . . Was I ever normal? Ha ha

One thing I must never do is loose my sense of humour . . . Please tell me if I ever do! . . . X x

CelticPMRGCAuk volunteer

Lisa, you sound amazing in spite of what you're going through and certainly not like some one who will ever lose their sense of humour. All good wishes and virtual hugs. Plus many congratulations to you and your new hubby. xx

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