Sorry for moaning

I had a right good moan on here the other day so thanks to everybody who responded. I am a little bit better in that the sciatica pain has receded mostly apart from a sore ankle, the cold has mostly cleared up and hopefully the water infection with it. I am left with the PMR which came back to bite me over the last month due to severe stress(family health problems) Not in a lot of pain with it just exhaustion can't shake it off. all sorts of things I want to do but can't I'm too tired. Thanks again for listening.

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  • You are welcome! Glad you are feeling a bit better and hope you will improve further. You've had a lot to contend with recently, so I think you were probably overdue a moan.


  • I really feel for you kingharold11. I have been feeling the way you do for so long now , the sciatic pain is easier but the exhaustion is hell . I read your post the other day and felt for you but was too exhausted to reply .It really is a rocky road but I am starting on Methotrexate injections on Thursday . I can't take oral Methotrexate but I'm prepared to try the injections . I'm stuck on 15mg prednisoline and below that my whole body just wants to shut down . I'm made to feel guilty most of the time that I can't get around to my everyday tasks . I have cleaners to help with the general housework now. I hope your PMR improves and that you get rid of the cold and water infection .. All the Best. trish29

  • Thanks Trish sciatica is a swine, who makes you feel guilty that you can,t do everyday tasks? My daughter helps all she can with the cleaning but her husband isn,t well which is part of the stress problem.I.m hoping that the water infection has gone but you never can tell. I,ve had help from a lovely friend but there is only so much you can ask friends to do, at the same time that my sciatica was at its worst (couldn't walk reduced to crawling) my husband was booked to have a knee replacement surgery .having waited most of this year he did,t want to wait any longer. My ever helpful friend insisted he should go and that she would look after us which she did. Wendy

  • Kingharold, so glad to hear how much better you are feeling now you are shaking off the infections. As for PMR making its present well felt again, that is, no doubt, due to the stress you have experienced. Some stresses we can avoid, but others caused by such problems as family health worries are quite unavoidable as I know only too well - I do so sympathise. You can, of course, expect to be feeling tired, not just from the stress but also you've had a couple of infections attacking you at the same time. I do hope you continue to improve.

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