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Sorry for not talking recently

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Just been busy and trying to get on with my life. Coming down and then back up now back at 7mgs. Can't seem to get lower. Had a great summer and drove to Scotland. Only an 8 hour drive with my dog. But was fine.I think I probably said I had met someone but can't do afternoons and evenings together. That has pushed me back so much. I don't feel normal I so want to. And I am so sorry I hVe not been in touch recently. You are my lifeline with this. I just needed to escape for a bit. We all do from time to time. But that doesn't mean we are not there for each other. Xx


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I love it when you pop up! Xx

I am so down between you and me

Well we are here for you. You know that. I have been up and down like a yo yo. The lovely women on here keep it in check. I met Melissa the other day and had a really great chin wag, walking round and round St Pancras. It put me right.

I would so love to meet you and everyone. Just wasn't in the right place last time x

We will one day. 🧡

Yes it is a painful place

Lovely to hear from you again, I can understand your wanting to escape for a while sometimes I want to escape from myself.

Totally worries. We are all in this together and know what your feeling. Here's to better days ahead!

Hey it’s lovely to see you!! We’re all just doing the best we can xxxx

I so hope you'll be "on the UP" soon! xx

Good to hear from you again, knew you would. You did well driving all that way - sometimes we just have to do it. Hope you're okay.

There you are!!!!! Woooooo Hooooo

Understand all of above. I have a christmas dinner to go to on friday and i need to take the day off work just to do that! Well done you driving like that! Hope you feel good.

Good to hear from you again,l hope you enjoyed your summer trip to Scotland,l love it there ,it was a long drive for you .Sorry you are feeling down,these dark evenings can be depressing,l am just longing for the spring .l have a busy time coming up now ,all the Christmas preparations and the W l Christmas dinner next week, plus a concert by our town’s ladies choir and a trip to see my brother playing guitar in a band ,Then a trip to the local pantomime and of course the Carol services.l shall be exhausted ,one trip per week is usually enough for me !This PMR can be quite unpredictable, one day feeling OK and another far from it ! Take care and rest as much as you can ,we all care about you xx.

Lovely to hear from you again. Take care x❤️

We're just back from a weekend in Scotland for a family birthday party - 7 hour drives each way. You did so well to do that drive.

Stick at 7mg or whatever dose keeps you comfortable. Remember that one study showed PMR has a mean duration of 5.9 years, so don't be anxious to get lower too soon.

Take care x

Every day we are one day closer to being well ❤️

Don’t fret , hen. It is what it is . We’re all just moving forwards or backwards but we’ll get there in the end.

So good to hear from you again. One thing that’s good about this site is that you can just “pop” in and out when you want to. There are no special requirements of membership if so we would all possibly fail them Sorry that you don’t feel too brilliant Morrison.It is such a difficult time of the year I feel for many especially with these conditions. Keep in touch when you want to!! Also well done for attempting and succeeding in your trip in the summer.

'Only an 8 hour drive.....' Crikey woman. That's real good going!

Hi Morrison, so sorry you are feeling low, it’s a bad time of year if you are alone, never mind having PMR. I am lucky that I’m not alone but my sister is and I feel everything that she feels in her life as we are very close. At the moment she is rock bottom, feels vulnerable and wants to hibernate, I hope you have someone to talk to and support you.

I was on 7mg and tried to get to 6 too quickly. I am going to start a 7 week reduction plan to 6. I am starting on Sunday. If you feel we can do it together and I can help you in any way, we could try together, no problem if it’s too much for you, cheers, Jo

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