New medication prescribed - Alendronic acid. Pred and stomach problem

Alendronic acid and Pred? I'm worried about taking them both together. My Dexa scan shows I apparently have the precursor to osteoporosis so I have been prescribed Alendronic acid and ad cal. The patient leaflet says talk to your doc if you are having stomach problems, I have also been experiencing some issues there so awaiting blood test results due to low iron levels and pain in stomach. I am now taking peptac and could need to have camera down for further investigation. The doctor said all these issues are to do with taking Pred even though I have only ever taken 15mg and reduced this to 3mg over the last 17 months. So do I take the Alendronic acid now or wait until my bloods come back and my stomach issues are looked into further. Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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  • I would suggest you do some searching online for information about AA. It definitely does not go down well if you already have gastric issues as it is well-known for creating stomach problems.

    If you have osteopenia then you do need some help but I feel that you should ask for an alternative. AA is the default med for doctors when prescribing but there are others.

  • Thank you. I could have taken the AA yesterday but my gut instinct, excuse the pun said not to. It's good to know there are alternative meds out there. I will look it up. Thanks again

  • PMRGCAuk latest Newsletter, which you can read online, contains a very informative article on AA.

    You should really read the article as it will answer most of your questions.

  • If you already have stomach issues then you should wait to take the AA until the all-clear from the gastric consultant. One of the contraindications is existing gastric reflux.

    It all depends on the degree of the osteopenia. I too have osteopenia in a couple of vertebrae - nothing would induce me to take AA just for that and no-one here in Italy has suggested it is necessary yet.

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