unhappy with rheumy

Been to see the rheumy today last year after a dexa scan i was told I didn,t have osteoporosis but osteopenia. I stopped taking alendronic acid because it made me ill. She has read me the riot act to the tune of must take that or something else or I will end up with crumbling bones as I get older also the risk of diabetes. she is a right ray of sunshine! She also was annoyed because I upped the preds to get over a flair (I am slowly reducing back down 2/3 days at a time to get back to 5mg. It was her specialist nurse who told me to do it anyway and guess what she said go back down to 5 mg in one jump! I nearly fell off of the chair. I was feeling a lot better today so now I am determined to get off preds altogether and don't see her anymore.Wendy

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Tough luck that she was annoyed, hope she never gets PMR but if she does she will learn the hardway.

Go to this website it is the National Osteoporisis Society and read up on Biophosonates, there are many more alternatives to AA.


Here we go again - the riot act eh! Just what you need. As for osteoporosis, if you can take it, then HRT is the gold standard treatment for keeping bones in tip top condition.

As for upping the doses for flares, you did the right thing - never, never allow PMR to get away. It's too dangerous. Get the pain under control again and reduce ever so slowly - half a mg every 3 weeks or so on dosage under 10 mg. Play it by how you feel, and don't allow anyone to dictate your drops.

All the best,

Pats. Stay strong!


My doctors are saying that HRT is now not prescribed for bones, and would not give as a help in osteopenia/osteoporosis. The National Osteoporosis Society website says this too, if I remember rightly. However, as I still have dreadful hot flushes at 61 and I had read up re HRT via the above site, I went to the GP with the suggestion that there might be a double benefit to me for taking HRT. So although I realised HRT was not now the drug used, in my case it still might be good to take to give two benefits. I think doctors appreciate it if you can go to them showing that you have been reading the right things and are giving them a reasoned argument. I am being allowed to take HRT for two years only, as the cancer/heart/stroke risk increases with age. I then will get another DEXA scan to see if my bones have improved. If not then I have no choice but to take bisphosonates - all of which seem to have basically the same side effects. I have my fingers firmly crossed (and hope that the hot flushes will have gone too)!!


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