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Adrenal Liquescence

During a discussion with my physiotherapist today we chatted about Adrenal Liquescence which I understand provides homoeopathic aid in support and potentised nutrients for the adrenal function. She was definitely not advocating using Adrenal Liquescence but she knows how interested I am in the knowledge and understanding of different things which may help support me in remission especially as I develop my health and fitness activities. I wondered if any other PMR sufferers have ever considered, discussed or even used Adrenal Liquescence? I look forward to hearing from you.

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There are a lot of these sort of things that are propagated with absolutely no real scientific or medical basis. Most of them put money into people's pockets and they make a fortune out of people like us with a chronic illness who are searching for a miracle. If it sounds too good to be true - it almost certainly is.

Adrenal function is a very complicated bit of physiology - a positive and negative feedback set-up of umpteen hormones and products. You can't "stimulate" your adrenal glands to perform just like that. So long as there is enough corticosteroid present in the blood the trigger remains at "off" - just like your central heating doesn't switch the boiler to on as long as it is warm enough. That's VERY simplistic image, but a fairish parallel. The body doesn't care whether it is "natural" (cortisol) or artificial (pred) corticosteroid that is there - they can do the same job. If someone has real adrenal dysfunction you can add steroid - usually as hydrocortisone - and it all works quite well as long as they keep taking the tablets. If you are still on pred, the switch remains in the off position and you can take all the supplements you like - it isn't going to make a difference. Like pointing the remote control at the TV when the mains is off - result zilch.

Luckily, the body is fairly amazing and once you get the circulating pred level down, the system starts to kick back in bit by bit. But it isn't just the adrenal glands - it is the hypothalamus and the pituitary as well, what is called the HPA axis. Each produces several substances and they all work together to make it all function properly. At first there will be too much of one and not enough of another - and they will vary over a period of time until the best mix is found. Then it slowly gets back to being right. If you are old before your time ;-) it is possible that the adrenals are a bit worn and don't quite get their act together - and they need a bit of help. A small dose of pred or hydrocortisone for life sorts that out.

But these "miracle" supplements? No - because apart from anything else they mostly aren't regulated. There could be anything in them and many of these substances are dangerous - especially when combined with prescription medications.


Thanks for the reply PMRpro. My health and fitness are gradually developing and it was just my inquisitive mind (as usual) following discussion with physiotherapist. I'm more than happy with my improvement over the last year and rest assured I won't be going down this route. Cheers again x


On the first page - under Interactions it reads " We currently have no information for ADRENAL EXTRACT Interactions" and read the users reviews.

My question to anyone selling this would be "why don't you know".

If and I mean IF, you decide to go down this route, before you take anything, either newly prescribed or homeopathic, discuss with a Pharmacist for contra-indications with what you are already taking. Compatibility is essential and the only people who know what is compatible are Pharmacists (7 years of training).


sambucca - thanks for the reply. It just came from conversation with physiotherapist and I was interested in gathering any thoughts. Just my inquisitive mind! As you know my health and fitness are gradually developing but, rest assured, I won't be going down this route.


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