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Its my own fault I know but over the last couple of days I have done too much. I was getting over a water infection having finished antibios on Monday. Decided to go for six mile walk with my darling daughter. Yesterday was helping husbie weed our ALLOTMENT SIZED garden where we grow most of our own veggies. today I feel crap no good for anything except sitting down.

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  • We all do it - and every time I do, I groan and say 'never again'. Our garden is postage-stamp size but even so I have my moments..............

  • We never learn do we? I felt great yesterday after my Bowen Therapy the day before - no pain at all - so went for a 4 mile walk. By evening the pain in one shoulder was terrible. I reckon good days are ones we should take it easy to aid the healing process!

  • Hi Badgergirl . I so envy you being able to walk 4 miles .. Just walking a few steps would be nice . I know we all overdo it on our good days and then usually regret it for a day or two after .I'm coming up for nearly 6 weeks of suffering with a Virus / Flare and suspected Shingles and I'm suffering extra exhaustion . I bought Orchid Compost on Mother's Day and still haven't got around to doing the potting..I can't imagine trying to tackle a garden with an allotment .. I wondered if your Bowen Therapy is helping with these Energy levels .. I am very interested in having this treatment but I need to let my rash go first ..I think I am turning the corner with the virus but I had to go up higher on the Prednisolone to get relief from the pain .The higher Pred has certainly relieved the PMR pain but I still have a very sharp pain and stiffness in my right arm and elbow and when I use it to lift a kettle or to pick anything up I get like an electric shock up my arm to the shoulder . There's no point in seeing my GP as I have been to and fro to appointments for the last few weeks and I know they are fed up with me .. When I saw my GP on Monday I tried to explain that my usual pain had shifted and he just didn't want to know and said .. We are not here to discuss your pain , its your rash that we are here for but I insisted that he should know that IT WAS A DIFFERENT PAIN..and not the usual PMR pain.. Take care and enjoy this lovely weather Trish 29

  • Hi trish29. I'm really sorry you are still suffering from the flare/virus. I remember we were having a flare at the same time. Mine was caused by a urinary infection. I was also backwards and forward to the doctor as the pain in my right shoulder blade was so bad I was convinced it was due to some damage caused by moving something heavy a few weeks ago. He wasn't interested. For weeks I was almost housebound (luckily my doctor is just round the corner) as I also couldn't walk more than a few yards as it made my pain unbearable. I feel the Bowen helped with the pain but only after the 3rd session. I was stupid to walk so far as again today I am in pain. My Bowen therapist is coming to me again next week so if she makes me pain-free again I must remember not to think I'm invincible! I used to love gardening but now there's no way. Take care and I hope you feel better soon. Badgergirl

  • When you feel normal it is nice to have a day being energetic ...... Often the next day or two you pay for it though. Each time you do it you realise how much the Pmr affects you and that it is still there! Maybe when there are more good days than tired or ill days it is a sign the pmr is going away?

  • Hello suzieh .. that's a good way of summing up PMR. Life is so busy that you feel you have to be energetic to keep up with everyone else and everyday life..I have learnt to put myself first during the last few weeks because I know that PMR reacts to rest BUT I always feel so guilty to give up some of my day to rest, but when I do my pain level is better later on to get through and maybe catch up with a couple of jobs that need doing ..Its always nice to be in touch with you suzieh and Maybe one day The PMR will go away .. Best wishes trish29

  • Good day, I have not long returned from a few hours tramping around shops MS, Sainsburys etc, my feet & ankles now feel like i am wearing deep sea divers boots.Hence now sitting resting. Keep smiling Girls. Dave

  • Thank you DaveD , but not wish you it, me ditto. There again I can ease it with a gentle swim .But feeling good I go and spoil it with a couple of extra lengths! At the moment I am sorting out the paperwork, although I know the hedge needs cutting - another day. and one day I might get another 'Dive' in Best wishes John

  • It's not good , I feel for you. Am also just getting over a UTI , 3rd one this year. I think some of the antibiotics , even though they're necessary , have an effect on the PMR in general. I seem to go downhill slightly after each course. Take care and chin up all. xx

  • What abx have you been given? You must NOT take any of the quinolone group with pred.

    Both the infection and the abx are a stress on the body - and stress doesn't do the PMR symptoms any good!

  • I was given Trimethoprim for a UTI and have felt awful ever since could they have caused a reaction

  • It depends what other medications you are on - the best person to ask is the pharmacist (not the counter staff). Some people don't do well on trimethoprim so it could be that too. If you still feel ill - ask the doctor.

  • I've been given Nitrofurantin this time , but had Augmentin and Cipro over Christmas. Ridiculous , the GP should have surely known the interactions . I've then ended up needing Diflucan tablets for Thrush, the Pharmacist didn't agree on the last occasion. Thank you for getting back to me. x

  • When my GP gave me cipro even though I was on medrol and I developed achilles problems she said "I'd heard about it but I've never seen it before...". So I pointed out she had now. It was my own fault in a way, I should have checked. But I always use the same pharmacist and HE said nothing either. Then I discovered that it is standard practice to use cipro for UTIs here - and if you read the bumpf from the company they suggest it isn't a good choice! Hmm!

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