Here we go again another flair

Not doing very well with this latest PMR flair up, what is baffling me is that this started at 10 mg of prednisolone (It took nine months to get to 10mg from 40 as I also have GCA) I increased this to 15mg a week ago and still suffering serious leg, hip neck and shoulder pain I have very reluctantly gone up to 20 mg but still suffering, all the evidence points to the lower dose of 15 mg for PMR so what's happening and am I doing the right thing?

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  • Possibly not - having PMR does not excuse you from having other problems that may not respond to an increase in pred dose! There are other muscular problems, especially in the back, that can feel very like PMR pain but require a more targeted approach. If a rise to 15mg didn't make a significant difference I think a visit to your doc may be called for or maybe a physio appointment - I know, it takes ages via the NHS so it is up to you how you go about it.

  • Thanks PMR. Pro, will give things a bit longer to work but judging by the pain in my thighs and hips in particular that wake me early in the mornings and bit of an improvement in the afternoons plus the sheer exhaustion I would say it must be PMR.hopefully things will improve soon

  • Hi Classicmike.. I really feel for you with your pain . I had a nasty flare-up about 10 days ago which was put down to a Virus that I had obviously picked up .I have been struggling with terrible pain and Giddiness.. I was told to take a small amount of Ibuprofen as well as my normal Co codomol , it helps for a little while . The pain in the left buttock /thigh has now shifted to the Left hip . I am not sure that it is the PMR causing this because the Giddiness is still there . I have managed to get an appointment with one of my GPS this afternoon who is Not Happy because I can't get off of the steroids 9 years on . I just hope and pray that he can do something to help my pain. Best wishes and I hope your day is painless. trish29

  • I wish I had the answer for you all I can say I am on 10mg and my Rheumy said if I had any problems it could start at 10ng. I have aches and pains as well waiting for another blood test from District nurse Referred to them 24th Feb. Good jib I haven't held my breath . Hope things improve for you Take Care x

  • Decided after two days on 20mg of prednisolone. With no improvement to go back on 15mg as I think I may have been aiming the dose too. High.

    I will hang in there and see if things improve but the pain in my thighs and hips is really quite unbearable at the moment, thanks for all your support.

  • I do sympathise and I wish I knew what causes these flares. I am having one right now and have no idea why. I have been fine on 12.0 mg pred for 2 weeks and all of a sudden, since yesterday afternoon, I am having severe pain across my upper back an in my right shoulder. Can barely move my right arm as I am so stiff. I'm reluctant to increase the pred so will wait a day or two to see if it settles. Hoe you feel better soon!

  • Mike,

    All I can do is offer you what treatment 2 specialists advised for my PMR. 30mg - it knocked the pain out in 3 hours and, because I was able to reduce quite quickly to 20mg, the large dose did not bother me for too long. I dropped the dose 1mg every 3 weeks to 12.5mg.

    So stay with 15mg for 3 weeks and if there is no improvement then increase the dose to 20mg, stay there for 3 weeks further. You should be much improved and can then drop very slowly, 1mg at a time. These guidelines are not written in stone - listen to your body and drop accordingly!

    I use ibuprofen to help the drops (down to 6mg now) . Some folks only need paracetamol - kinder on the stomach.


  • Thanks Pats sounds like good advice to me I will see if the pains improve but my legs in particular are bad in the mornings I will give it a bit longer on 15 mg and see what happens regards Mike

  • Control your carbohydrate intake (400 to 600 kcalories per day, minimise fructose) to reduce blood platelet stickiness, and perform progressive resistance exercise to strengthen muscles, particularly around joints.

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