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Appointment with thoracic surgeon today re: aneurysm vertebral artery

Hi everyone. Today I have an appointment with my thoracic surgeon to discuss the aneurysm found on the vertebral artery. I have to go for imaging later in the week. I am hoping that it has not enlarged. They will also discuss the condition of the arteries dissecting: has it lessened, increased or stayed the same. ? I am now taking 4 mgs of the medrol daily and still 10 mgs of methetextrate weekly. I am hoping that the injection of the methetextrate will help getting the inflammation down. Hope all are well, surviving and dealing with the prednisone. wish everyone well. all my best, Whittlesey

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How did it go? I hope the news was good. It sounds pretty scary.


Hi Saxjody, Thanks for asking. I saw the thoracic surgeon, was scheduled for the cat scans today. They have been rescheduled for next week. We have had a snowstorm and now have weather in the minus numbers. I had to wait for paratransit after seeing the doctor, for two hours, in and out of the cold (you have to be "curbside" for paratransit), have a cold and traveling is difficult, due to icy roads. I had a doppler sonogram of my cartoid artery and he said from what they could see, the dissection is the same, with no real danger, now. He said he will have a better idea when he sees the cat scans (next week). Due to the weather, I also missed the weekly injection of methetextrate and feel the same exhaustion as when dropping the prednisone. ? This has happened before. It is not as bad. Thank you for asking. will have more information next week. They are trying to have the arteries "re -sect" (which happens naturally they have said) by keeping the inflammation low. -- -- Hope you are well and not in pain. all my best, Whittlesey


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