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Has anyone else had an atos assessment?

Went for my assessment yesterday , my husband took me and came in with me I was asked questions like what is my favorite tv programme, do I read books,do I do shopping , I said no my husband does it, he asked why, I said it was not a very pleasant experience when you can hardly walk and you are in pain, if I had a wheelchair it would be better but I can't afford one.

I was asked to lie down and raise one leg and then the other , he asked me to squat but I said there is no way I can do that , he took my blood pressure , he was polish , but he did know what temperal artritis is, so that was a bonus at least , now have to wait for dwp to contact me this space ........ Found it all quite degrading.

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Hi ritter here,do you get any help from the DWP? I applied for AA as I am 69 now and got turned down,I can walk a bit but not without lots of pain I can not get on the toilet very well as it is too low it takes me 25 mins to get out of bed I have not slept on my side,s for 13 months as my multiple fractures in my spine will not allow me too.but I do not qualify for any help,I have worked all my life and only stopped a year gone Jan when diagnose with GCA in the Feb, I do not understand may b I am the wrong colour and that is very sad that I should think like that, do let us all know how it goes, good luck kind regards,Anne


Hi Anne,it may be helpful if you could take someone with you to support you and fill in all the blanks,we all get anxious during med.appointments,and forget to say stuff.Good luck.S.


I am going for my third. Already passed one outright, one went to appeal and I won that outright, and now I have to go all over again.I hve had one visit from the DSS to catch me out at home, Its harrassment.



Go to Age UK and ask for assistance in filling in the AA form. They are excellent and many people who have been turned down initially, have with their help succeeded.

Alternatively, look up the number for Adult Social Services at your local

Council Offices and speak to them. This is a very useful link posted on the Vasculitis thread.


When I had mine it was obvious that I couldn't move on my own - and the tester seemed to agree that I was rather ill - but my assessment came back saying that I was in the 'work related activity' group! However when I went to the job centre the lady I saw took a very different view (after I had gone through sleepless nights, huge anxiety and a shed-load of extra pain, due to the stress of thinking I would have to do some form of work, as the letter I had seemed to indicate that I would be asked to do so). She was supportive - but there was little she could offer me, apart from courses to get into work!

I was on contributions-based benefit, which only lasts for a year too, as they seem to think that you can't be ill for longer than a year. There was also the possibility of DLA - but only if I could fill in the form, which just defeated me, I was too ill to fill it in and it was not built to take into account the effects of PMR. You have to know how to fill the forms in apparently. We had managed to get my 90 year old Mother in law DLA only when the form was filled in by someone from the Council who knew how to do it! So if the only way you can get a wheelchair is via DLA - ask someone from AgeUK or the Council to help you fill it in.

All I can say is good luck Lynabelle - hope you were able to convince not just the tester but the DWP.....ATOS has had lots of 'stick' in the press, so hopefully they are getting better.


There are two categories of ESA. The support group - when you are deemed to be incapable of ANY work (usually over the next few years) and the 'work related activity group' which means you MAY be able to find some sort of work with training / in work support etc. Having a particular illness doesn't automatically entitle you to benefits - it depends how it affects you. If you don't feel the assessor understood your difficulties you should appeal. If you are in the work related activity group the contribution based benefit only lasts a year. After that any financial help is based on household income - so if you have a working partner you probably won't get anything. As regards DLA - this has now been replaced (for new claimants) by Personal Independence Payments which you claim over the phone so you might find it easier to apply. And again always appeal if you are turned down the first time. Good luck!


not quite ATOS linked but your lack of a wheelchair may be aided as mine was, by my GP referring me to occupational physio in the district. they came out and measured me and now I have my chair and loads of other aids I didn't know existed. the red cross also lend wheelchairs for a small donation. However all the best of luck for your results.


just thought I would let you know, I had my appeal just before xmas and was refused, im not entitled to any benefit at all, my job as a carer was too heavy for me so ive handed in my notice now its the job centre to see if they have anything I can do, hope you have more luck than me.


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