Angry - if medication requires blood tests, these MUST be done!

Big rant - azathioprine - requires weekly blood tests for a month. This is not my choice to make extra work for the surgery. I've been told that I can have four tests beginning on the 12th - i.e. over two weeks after I start them. Right, I hope I will be one of the lucky ones, but I could not be. The surgery has a responsibility to do blood tests demanded by the medication suppliers. At present only the phlebotomist is taking blood. She is fully booked and the practice nurses are too busy! Doctors haven't done it for ages. If I had three arms I'd do it myself! They are ringing me back after surgery. I have said that if they give me forms for the first two weeks I'll go over to the hospital - annoying, but I'll do it - as I had to a fortnight ago when the consultant sent me a form for an urgent blood test in order to get the results before I saw her.

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So sorry u having such a bother very frustrating the wait always,heaven knows where NHS is going.I had six hospital cancellations,and I have just had one from another dept.what to do? Impotent. Good luck to you God bless.S.


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