Different protocol used by my Rheumitoligist

In april this year I was diagnosed with PMR my rheumy put me on 15 mg of pred for 2 weeks & the reduced it to 10 mg for 1 month.He then reduced it to 7.5 mg for 2 months & then intends to reduce it to 5 mg for 1 month & then wants to see me again he says that if all is well i should be on the 5 mg dose for 9 months each reduction is followed by blood tests before i see him for my next appointment. I discussed the apparent large reductions with him & pointed out that this site recomends a more gradual reduction. He said that there are two schools of thought his own method (or the the one that he uses) which he says he as used for 25 yrs & works for 95% of patients.than the gradual method which is accepted as the norm. He also says that the method that he uses reduces the length of timr that the pred is present in the body I must say that i am now down to 7.5 mg & feel fine up to now. i would be interested to here any informed comments on his preferd method

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It's an interesting plan and one which might just work. I would have certainly given it a go, but bearing in mind that I was diagnosed with three other medical conditions in the year following the PMR diagnosis, it might well not have worked for me. I think hidden problems could well scupper it.

It's similar to the plan used in Bristol where the patient stays on a 5mg dose for a year before any further reduction and they also report fewer flares.

Good luck to you with it!


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