Hi pretty new to this but getting very down on weight management. I have never been thin and have had to battle with diets for years but since the steroids( started 20mg now 15mg) the pounds have piled on. I don't appear to be eating any more even though I am constantly hungry. Cereal for breakfast rice cakes or ryvita for lunch and a sensible tea with fruit in between. This used to satisfy and maintain my weight but sadly not now have put on stone in 1 month. Anyone got suggestions for a more satisfying menu. Any help would be great.

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  • hi when I first started steroids I was always hungry and yes the weight goes on very quickly, I have tried everything to loose the weight but im not having any luck , I keep getting told it the steroids sorry I was no help.


  • Thanks for the reply has your weight stabilized?

  • sort of but I have put on over 3st and its getting me down my face is fat along with everything else, ive been on steroids nearly a year reduced to 8mg a day then ESR went up so steroids were put up to 15mg and that's what im on at mo.


  • Sympathy, Susie901. I started on pred two years ago and everyone told me I was sure to put on weight, bad news for a yo-yo dieter. I made up my mind NOT to put on weight and for a month or two I was very pleased with myself for actually losing weight. the months went on, so did the pounds. I felt hungry all the time and just had to top up between meals. Also, it's quite depressing having PMR and comfort eating just took over. I gained almost 3 stone. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am now on 2mg of pred and have lost almost two stones in the last couple of months. The first 7lbs went without my noticing presumably because of the steroid reduction, so I decided to help it along with the 5:2 diet which I find very easy to follow. At this time of year, loads of salad are a good solution and I find that fish is very good for weight loss. I know it's easy to say this - but try to avoid sugar and fat - pastries are lethal! Treat as poison!

  • Hi Susie901

    I also put on weight and get hungry quite quickly so I try to eat little and often and at meal times use a smaller plate. I try to do gentle exercise and go to a mobility swim class once a week which also helps with the pain.

    Good Luck Kathy

  • Keep a cucumber in the fridge wrapped in foil keeps fresh longer. When hungry cut an inch off. Cucumber has all the vitamins and minerals plus water and has no calories. You can survive a desert crossing with enough cucumbers. The weight loss does come as you come down, but don't race down just to lose weight as that will cause you to yo yo with the pred and that causes flares and more problems. I know this sounds funny, but some people lose weight with pred and they have real problems.

  • Thanks for your help trying to stick to Atkins type regime at the moment I haven't lost weight but don't feel so fat and bloated.

  • Hi All and esp Steph,

    On the higher doses, between 30mg and 10mg I had to fight the weight gain - but it's very hard. Why? All natural foods like meat,veges and especially fruit, contain salt and sugar, and because of steroids, your poor body can't deal with them and so it stores them in fluid in all the parts of your body where you'd rather not get fatter like your face, neck, abdomen. I bloated up in less than a week on 30mg twice and, as I've said before, looked like Miss Piggy!

    The only way to beat the bloat is to drink lots of water - it worked for me. Water flushes out the baddies to some extent, but you have to keep it up. Once you get down on the lower doses the bloat will reduce.

    What you must remember is that eating refined foods that contain extra salt and sugar will make the problem even worse, so stick to a natural diet as much as possible - it does make a difference.

    I'm now on 9mg for the 3rd time in 2 and a half years and looking reasonably OK. Fatter than I was pre PMR, but only a few pounds over what I weighed pre PMR.

    Depriving ourselves of all the treats we had before we were ill is very hard, and I cheat! But I really try to tow the line - I'm so fed up with wearing the same old baggy gear and I long for the days when I was slim.

    All the best,


  • Hi thanks for all your comments weight still an issue but the hot flushes have taken over now! There's always something to cope with. Finding it difficult to work. Dr said to come off the pred for a while to see if the flushes are pred related or menopause haven't done this as I wouldn't be able to function! Not the best advice. Had a dexa scan yesterday so just waiting for results will go back to Dr and see if she can offer any better advice then. I don't have a rheumatologist he only diagnosed and then said that my surgery would look after me.

  • One has to weigh pros and cons.Whats a bit of extra weight? Nothing at all when one is feeling rubbish..........and a treat ,daily,makes one feel better!!!!! Everywhere you look its "keep your weight down"....get a life fellow sufferers,AND ME.!Enjoy.Soo

  • Thanks soojay. Its weird with weight can cope with the extra pounds i just steer clear of mirrors its the boated feeling that I hate!

  • Oh meant to say I am just starting to drink loads of water hope that will help with the bloated feeling

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