Confused - but good!

As well as my PMR, I also have chronic arthritic changes in my spine. Yesterday I had radio-frequency denervation at lumbar facet joints and, apparently, a high dosage of long-acting steroids in the area. I would have liked to know r=the dosage, but certainly today both types of pain were virtually absent. This should mean that I have no problems staying on the 12.5mh, then reducing. Great news!

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  • Hi missrat. I'm Pat (trish29). WOW!!I'm so pleased for you that you have had your pain taken away!! What you had done to your spine yesterday sounds great and I also suffer dreadfully with my spine and I do have ultrasound at my Osteopath but I have to be careful with flare-ups. This week she has tried something called strapping and also on my knee .l believe that it works in a similar way to Acupuncture but the pain is easier but not gone completely like yours. The question I have is if you have had a large dose of steroids put in your spine how long do you have to wait before you can start reducing. I'm the same age as you and on a similar dose of Prednisolone ( 13.05.-15.00mg) . I'm desperately waiting to see a new Rheumy and it's given me some hope as I have had yet another bad week re PMR and a virus. It's good news for us sufferers to know there are new medical treatments and medications out there. Good luck and stay pain free. Trish29

  • I'm waiting for my rheumatology appointment, but my back treatment came from asking my GP for a referral to my pain clinic. This is, with or without the steroids, an increasingly-used treatment at hospitals.

    I found that osteopathy and acupuncture treatments lasted for too short a time, but, if I am desperate, make an appointment with a really good private physio - but have to watch the finances a bit, as I'm also having counselling alternate weeks at present, and have had a bit if extra expenditure recently - a long-distance rat show (train and hotel), a rat operation (and complications) and a night away post-op, then another journey and rats to enter for the Meldreth show tomorrow/////////1

    I do hope your appointment comes through soon and that your pain can be brought under control. Do take care - perhaps we can keep in touch,

    Best wishes


  • Hello Ann, (missrat) thank you for your reply. I've never been to a pain clinic but I think that's because I haven't seen a Rheumy for such a long time and my last Rheumy didn't seem to recognise PMR and sent me back to my GP. Since a flare-up in January I seem to have acquired a new GP and he has now referred me to a Rheumy that a lot of people think highly of , so I just wait patiently for my appointment and hope it will be sometime soon. I am so surprised that you can manage to get on trains !! It is so long since I have been able to get on one and I struggle with the buses as well. I've got my scooter which is my independence. It's a good job you have your rats !! I am not a fan of rodents.. I would not be without my Osteopath and she got me involved with PMR/GCAUk and I think it's amazing and I enjoy the Surrey meetings. All best wishes and keep in touch as I'm very interested in your pain level and how you are coping from Pat. ( Trish 29)

  • Bit or a devil tonight in every wayMy procedure on Thursday morning went fairly well. I was told that the pain could be worse for 4 weeks then may or may not improve. Yesterday was great but I had a pretty bad night and have just been so exhausted - out on a rat show. various problems and I've found that I've ''said goodbye' to a beauiful rat - apparently well, although getting on - but not one of my two chronically chesty ones. A few other rat problems - following a long delay on the M11 behind an accident. i've decided to skip morning service. My back is lousy after an emergency cage-clean. I know one of my meds is nicknamed Morontin! My spelling is totally moronic

    Things on the radio made me think tonight and everything is making me think things I don't want to, and shouldn't. So much to do this week - want to sleep- well, not just that.

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