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Confused - but good!

As well as my PMR, I also have chronic arthritic changes in my spine. Yesterday I had radio-frequency denervation at lumbar facet joints and, apparently, a high dosage of long-acting steroids in the area. I would have liked to know r=the dosage, but certainly today both types of pain were virtually absent. This should mean that I have no problems staying on the 12.5mh, then reducing. Great news!

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Hi missrat. I'm Pat (trish29). WOW!!I'm so pleased for you that you have had your pain taken away!! What you had done to your spine yesterday sounds great and I also suffer dreadfully with my spine and I do have ultrasound at my Osteopath but I have to be careful with flare-ups. This week she has tried something called strapping and also on my knee .l believe that it works in a similar way to Acupuncture but the pain is easier but not gone completely like yours. The question I have is if you have had a large dose of steroids put in your spine how long do you have to wait before you can start reducing. I'm the same age as you and on a similar dose of Prednisolone ( 13.05.-15.00mg) . I'm desperately waiting to see a new Rheumy and it's given me some hope as I have had yet another bad week re PMR and a virus. It's good news for us sufferers to know there are new medical treatments and medications out there. Good luck and stay pain free. Trish29


I'm waiting for my rheumatology appointment, but my back treatment came from asking my GP for a referral to my pain clinic. This is, with or without the steroids, an increasingly-used treatment at hospitals.

I found that osteopathy and acupuncture treatments lasted for too short a time, but, if I am desperate, make an appointment with a really good private physio - but have to watch the finances a bit, as I'm also having counselling alternate weeks at present, and have had a bit if extra expenditure recently - a long-distance rat show (train and hotel), a rat operation (and complications) and a night away post-op, then another journey and rats to enter for the Meldreth show tomorrow/////////1

I do hope your appointment comes through soon and that your pain can be brought under control. Do take care - perhaps we can keep in touch,

Best wishes



Hello Ann, (missrat) thank you for your reply. I've never been to a pain clinic but I think that's because I haven't seen a Rheumy for such a long time and my last Rheumy didn't seem to recognise PMR and sent me back to my GP. Since a flare-up in January I seem to have acquired a new GP and he has now referred me to a Rheumy that a lot of people think highly of , so I just wait patiently for my appointment and hope it will be sometime soon. I am so surprised that you can manage to get on trains !! It is so long since I have been able to get on one and I struggle with the buses as well. I've got my scooter which is my independence. It's a good job you have your rats !! I am not a fan of rodents.. I would not be without my Osteopath and she got me involved with PMR/GCAUk and I think it's amazing and I enjoy the Surrey meetings. All best wishes and keep in touch as I'm very interested in your pain level and how you are coping from Pat. ( Trish 29)


Bit or a devil tonight in every wayMy procedure on Thursday morning went fairly well. I was told that the pain could be worse for 4 weeks then may or may not improve. Yesterday was great but I had a pretty bad night and have just been so exhausted - out on a rat show. various problems and I've found that I've ''said goodbye' to a beauiful rat - apparently well, although getting on - but not one of my two chronically chesty ones. A few other rat problems - following a long delay on the M11 behind an accident. i've decided to skip morning service. My back is lousy after an emergency cage-clean. I know one of my meds is nicknamed Morontin! My spelling is totally moronic

Things on the radio made me think tonight and everything is making me think things I don't want to, and shouldn't. So much to do this week - want to sleep- well, not just that.


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