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Hi to all of you!

Hello, I'm Catie and I'm a new moderator for the forum. Some of you will already know me, but for those who don't I'm an old hand at all this PMR and GCA stuff. I also have several other medical conditions and have passed my exams in 'doctorspeak'.

If I am late in answering for the next few days, bear with me as there is a lot to catch up on. I will be happy to answer all and any questions and I hope we will all get along well.

A happy and warm Bank Holiday weekend to you all.


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Hi Catie,welcome,and good luck hope you stay very well.ritter (Anne)


Hi Catie - Welcome - thank you so much for volunteering. Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.



Welcome Cathy. Looking forward to your support. Maurbry


Hello Catie

Welcome and good luck from one "old hand" to another! How blessed the forum is to have you on board.

Celtic (Shirley)


Hello Catie, I heard you were joining this site. You might remember me from the NE forum, you will be a great asset here with your depth of knowledge and experience.


Hi Catie,

So glad you're 'in'. Welcome.

This Site is amazing, but I'm having a bit of a rest for a while.



hi catie. I have posted I hope as a newbie. I am terribly confused as thought I had fibromyalgia but a friend is convinced due to neck and shoulder pain I could have this instead. where do I start. I have registered with an incorrect email so can't get the email to confirm. Was registered on FMAUK so when I tried to get on this one it would go back to FMAuk always. Very frustrating. Just really would love to read very basic stuff on polymyalgia.


If you just want information, please go to our Charity website where there is a lot of readily available reliable information. Have you posted in the Fibro section asking if anyone else has problems with neck and shoulder pain? Because that on it's own could be just about anything.


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