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Have got PMR, had a really bad chesty cough for over a week and for last few days have had severe pain in one leg

Am alternating between 12.5 and 10 mg of pred and PMR diagnosed earlier has all disappeared. However have had a chesty cough for about 10 days but am now having really severe pain in one leg down from buttock but at times concentrated below knee on outside of leg. Is there any connection between all or some of symptoms.

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Hello Hicaz

As you know we're not medically qualified so can't really say whether anything is specifically connected or not, other than on the basis of experience and listening to lots of other people. In this case though, I would think that the pain you are getting in your leg isn't directly connected with the PMR. It sounds a lot like sciatica. A chesty cough will normally take at least two weeks to clear up. If it goes on for three weeks or more, tell the doc. In the meantime, take good care of yourself, get lots of rest and drink loads (of water, that is!).


thanks for reply. As pain was so bad managed to get into Drs late morning and she said it was sciatica and prescribed co-codamol. She also checked cough and said it was a virus. Even after just one lot of pills I feel much better and relieved it is not a PMR flare up as the pred seem to be working well on that.


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