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Running and PKD

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Is running bad for us? I have read that vigorous exercise can cause creatinine to spike which isnt good for damaged kidneys. I have started running since lockdown, not excessively, only for 30 mins twice a week and am really enjoying it and would like to continue. I just wondered if less strenuous forms of exercise is better?

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If it feels good keep running! I too run twice a week for about 30 mins each. My consultant knows that I do and hasn't advised against it.

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I am glad to hear you are enjoying running. Keep it up! Exercise is so good both for you physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Bee112 in reply to Susan_101

Thanks Susan, I have already read the guidance but I noticed most of the sources I have read in relation to exercising with PKD or CKD doesnt mention running, they suggest other forms of exercise but not running. I thought maybe this wasnt the best form of exercise for us and may be too vigorous and could affect kidney function over time. I guess I can check with my doctor at my next appointment. Im sure it varies depending on what stage you are at.

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Susan_101Moderator in reply to Bee112

It just depends on the individual. Many of our community are keen runners. Although some have had to shorten distances find alternative exercise as their cysts dont like being juggled.

I ran a lot for several years, the doctors never said I should not, but after my kidneys grew too large, i had to stop because it caused pain.

So there is no consistent advice to refrain from it. But anyway be reasonable and no marathons ok? :-)

You have been given very good advice, all the best on your journey.

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