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PKD and Vitamins



What's everyone's thoughts on taking a multi vitamin with pkd.

I used to take Centrum and wonder woukd it be ok to take again?

Thanks for reading

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Hello Dean

I have pkd.. .I used to take vitamin c....

But always put anything like that to my doctor first.. ...probably best if you're not sure......

DeanSamson in reply to Mgt8

Thanks I feel linen dont want to bother the just for a simple question. I used to feel the benefit of a multivitamin and would like to take them again. But if there going to do me more harm than good I'll forget it.

How is your pkd?

Thanks Dean

Mgt8 in reply to DeanSamson

I know what you mean.....i tend to save up my questions and make an appointment when I have a few things to discuss.. ..your health is important and you are entitled to have your questions answered....perhaps a telephone call would be the answer.......some surgeries have an on call doctor who can answer questions.. ....

My pkd went all the way......had one kidney out as a large cyst burst, dialysed for a year and have recently had a transplant.....early days yet but all the signs are good.....

All the best.....


Hi Dean, I was with my Renal Dietician last week and asked whether it would be OK to take pure fish oil capsules. She said as long as they did not contain Vitamins A or D they would be fine. I have considerably reduced my dairy intake this year and my eGFR has gone up from 13 to 14 so I am hoping that increasing Omega 3 will help to stop the eGFR getting any lower. I would not take any supplements without asking your Nephrologist or Dietician. Good Luck, Christine

Hi thanks for the advice. If have been discharged from the nephologist dept. I had 3 mri scans in 3 years and I got letter saying there has been No significant change in the last few years so we are discharging you from the clinic. To be honest I'm not really happy about it. I liked going to my yearly check up with the nephologist to talk through things.

Hi, I was only diagnosed 5 years ago, age 60. I have taken a daily multi vitamin for 20 years or more. My nephrologist is aware and has never suggested that multi vitamins cause any problems. Its always best, however, to run anything like this past your neph. You can just call them, shouldn't need a visit.

Thanks for that Chrissy I'll look into it. Much appreciated.

Hi All I have found a vitamin supplement which I think suits me. I have been taking it for a week and results are great. They don't have vitamin A,E or K which is good. They have in Vit C, B1,B2,B3,B6,FOLIC ACID, B12, BIOTIN, PANTOTHENIC ACID, MAGNESIUM, IRON, ZINC, SELENIUM, Y-TYOSINE, Q10, L-CARNITINE, SIBERIAN GINSENG EXTRACT. What do you think?

Theskewer in reply to DeanSamson

Hi Dean, what brand is this multivitamin? I am very interested!!

DeanSamson in reply to Theskewer

Hi it's wellman energy water soluble tablets. Sorry for late reply. I'm sure they do them for m and f

What brand is this vitamin I'm very interested I also have pkd..thanks Mary W.

Quite a few animal based studies on omega from fish and flax oil that seemed to fair well,, its an inflammatory disease so any inflammatory herbal like cur cumin should be fine, no nsaids though, your neph can tell you which are safe, I think that a vegetarian diet helps if you can move towards that

DeanSamson in reply to scott123

Thanks for that. I do love my meat tho. Last blood test I had in dec all values in normal range. I asked the neph about well man tablets and he said to take what I want as my values are normal?? You read to much conflicting stuff on the net?

scott123 in reply to DeanSamson

I worry when they say do what you want until you can't, I think anything you do to lower inflammation and helping reduce load in your kidneys should slow progression at least a little bit, it certainly should not do any harm, my brothers progression slowed when he improved his diet so might be something to it, if your kidneys are good right now then do everything you can to keep them that way, the longer you are healthy the more time you have for treatments to come

The standard answer is that it is much better for us overall to make sure that we eat a wide-ranging healthy diet. We should not then need to take vitamin pills, specially in the early stages of PKD

In the later stages of PKD, we should definitely not take ordinary multivitamins, as some of those vitamins will build up in our bodies. Other comments here have identified the ones we don't want too much of -- A, D and E.

There are specially prepared renal vitamin tablets that are safer. Your doctors will be able to help you choose if you seem to need them.

This post is now a few years old and wondering how everyone is??


As always I would recommend you check with your medical team prior to starting any new over the counter vitamins.

DeanSamson in reply to Susan_101

I always do check with them and they tell me to take what I want as my kidney values are normal.

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