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Does pkd have to run in the family none of my parents or grandparents have to condition I have 4 brothers and none have the condition?

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Good morning

I found this website which explains this quite well.......there are dominant, recessive and occasionally a type not coming from genetics.......

Hope this helps......

I have the dominant kind which shows in every generation.......


123Ange in reply to Mgt8

I have ADPKD - it is hereditary.

My mum and many of her relative have it.

No it is not necessary for someone to have others with PKD in his or her family to have the condition. My husband has PKD but nobody else does. Even our daughter has not the condition. He is the only one with the problem

Thanks for the reply guys much appreciated. I will look up that website.


Sometimes genes mutate and all of a sudden pkd pops up in a family. This happens in about 10per cent of cases and once its happened it is transmittable through generations in the normal way.

I've recently been diagnosed & nobody else in my immediate family has it. I've asked as many of my 2nd & 3rd cousins as possible (my Mum had over 70 1st cousins) on both sides of my family & there is absolutely no history of anyone suffering from kidney failure. I have 3 children & am hoping that I have a mutant gene and that they're not going to be affected.

cdrogers5 in reply to Jerseyladu

Do you really know nobody has it. I didnt find out until in my 40s and that was just because I had a CT scan because of a car accident.

I also am the only one in my family with it I have siblings who don’t have it and can’t find anyone recent or distant family who have ever had kidney disease or suspected. So they assume is a random mutation (lucky me ☹️).

Theskewer in reply to 123432

At least they can give you a kidney

123432 in reply to Theskewer

Yes that’s true, hopefully I won’t need it

Theskewer in reply to 123432

Same for me!!

Hi, PKD can start out as a random gene mutation at birth. It would then be transmittable to your children potentially.

Mela41 in reply to Nigtt

That's correct I am one of those I am the first one now my son has them too 😢

There is a slight chance of a mutation causing it. More likely it was inherited. The parent/grandparent that had it could have died of other causes and never knew they had the disease.

DeanSamson in reply to CA_Coast

Hi both my perents are still alive and been tested. Both my grandmother's are still alive with no signs of the disease. My grandfather's died of cancer and heart attack. Its possible they had it but never been talked and mentioned throughout the family. None of my 4 brothers have it.

Mela41 in reply to DeanSamson

I am the first in family who has them so my son inherited it from me and it's going to go on and on god knows when it's going to stop good luck to you.

Susan_101Moderator in reply to Mela41

The PKD Charity UK have an a page which may be of interest to you. Their are many new cases in families with no history of diagnosis these are known as "mutations". Also previously many of the older generation died from PKD related things such as heart attack due to high BP being left untreated.

Mela41 in reply to Susan_101

Thank you I will check it out.

Who knows then.

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