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I am Coming Along

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I shared in my last post about me being extremely fatigued, I ended up in the Er this past Monday, they did the routine blood work did find anything out of the ordinary so no diagnosis was made and I was discharged. I made an appointment with my pcp he was happy with all my labs look good but still no idea as to why I am so fatigue, i did another test to check my vitamin D i am waiting on the result. The last thing i was told before leaving the doctor's office was he would consult with a Neurologist, i am waiting to here from him.

Yesterday was a mixture of feeling very fatigue and then not today is much the same. My labs for Jynarque is great as well. Liver function is very good...

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Hey Paigey,

I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe you’re not sleeping well due to the new meds, perhaps you should seek advice on taking antidepressants? The fatigue may come from that, or maybe an underactive thyroid, which is unrelated to the condition.

Best wishes,


I had a visit with my primary care, and my labs look great! He is talking to a Neurologist and a Rheumatologist, I expect to hear from him this week coming, hopefully we can figure this out. I am feeling better today although not💯%

How have you been?

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