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Back In The Bed

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I have been feeling great for a while but that came to an end, I spent all of last week in bed. I woke up feeling very fatigued i just couldn’t move around without feeling I was going to fall, I didn't go to the doctor because whenever I've gone because of how I am feeling they always say, they are not finding anything wrong, I still think is the Lyme's acting up so I just stay in bed until it subsides.

I have labs to check my liver function as I'm on JYNARQUE, my first set my sodium was a little high but showed up much better in the second set of labs. Its a holiday here plus I still feel like crap so I will pull it together because I drive myself, and go tomorrow. I have to make an appointment to see my Nephrologist as well, time for a face to face.

I seem to be having no problems with JYNARQUE so far and hoping it stays that way... I stay drinking lots of water, tiring at times but I will take many toilet peeing time over kidney pain any day.

Take care beautiful people, let’s continue to do our best for ourselves, by doing our research, stay asking questions, drink lots of water.

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Hi Paigey,

I am sorry to hear that, you were doing so fine. I hope you get better soon, keep us updated. And don’t be shy to look for help, you are on a new medication this could be relevant!

Best wishes

Thanks Rick, I have done the necessary blood work and they couldn't tell me why I was experiencing this. The thing is I have no family or friends close I am all alone right now. Thanks god your concern and Happy Friday to you!

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