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How is everyone with PKD doing?


How is everyone doing through the Holidays? I have been having a hard time sticking to my diet but I am back on track. The days cant get past 2-3 liters of water either. But I will be upping everything this week. I was thinking of getting into exercise (which I am not a fan of) maybe gentle cycling (if that even exist)? and Yoga, which I have been trying to get to on my days off but can't. I spend 2 hours in traffic everyday, coming back from work. I am thinking of finding something closer but South FL is not that easy of a job market. I have been delaying going back to my docs and I have not set up an appointment with a nephrologist yet.

Anyway, wanted to know if anyone wanted to share as well.

PS: I hate this danm disease, it's like the house of doom hovering over your head and you don't know when it will But at least I am managing the best way I can and so is my family.

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