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Cyst draining

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone out there had a cyst drained and then burned. I had the procedure a week ago...I'm wondering what to expect?

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Hi personally I have not had it done. I wanted it done as I had a cyst that was 6cm across causing a lot of pain in my hip area. The nephologist wouldn't agree tho so didn' put me for it Then I banged my side play fighting with the kids and pop I bust it. A week of pain and job sorted and I haven't had a issue since been 2 years now boooom!

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I was told that it was very painful, puts you at risk of infection and a waste of time anyway because they just grow back. I had one painful period when a cyst got caught in my ribcage but apart from that I was quite ok with them until they were finally removed weighing 5kg each.


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