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Hi everyone , I am new here. I wish the best , good heath and recovery for everyone. I'm glad to be here and honored. I need to know some information about PKD and creatinine, uric acid and urea levels in blood. Are the values related to the Stages ? .

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As far as I understand ( or at least the way I was 'staged' by my nephro), if you have PKD, you are automatically staged as G3. G3 is usually defined as CKD with eGFR <60. With PKD you are classified G3 even with eGFR >60.

eGFR is calculated using your serum creatinine level, age race and BMI (depends on the model). There are calculators available for eGFR.

The higher your serum creatinine level, and consequently your eGFR, the lower your CKD stage. Stage go from G1 - G5 which is kidney failure (eGFR <15, I believe).

Another staging is done using the relation between urine albumin and urine creatinine. They call it A/Cr. There are three stages, A1-A3.

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P.S.: Urea and uric acid can give additional info, but are not used for staging, I believe.


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