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Blood Pressure Medication

Hi, I have been taking Ramipril to control my blood pressure for a couple of years. However, at my annual check up at the GP, they have advised my BP is still quite high 145/80 and suggested I also take Amlodopine.

I do not really trust my GP as they have a history of being a bit incompetent. Is any one else with PKD taking this medication and have their been any side effects? Would love to hear back.

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Hi, I have PKD since I was diagnosed with it at 32 years, I have been taking irbesartan and it seems to work for me, infact my renal consultant is on about taking me off it. Ask your GP if you can try it out, it's worth a try. I have never tried the tablet that you are taking I've always had he same one. My BP last year when it was warm went really low so they changed the dose from 150mg to 75mg. My BP at the moment is 120/80. I hope you gets things sorted out. Take care


Hi Waymur,

The thing with the internet is that I don't know where in the world you are but for the sake of this this reply I am assuming that as you have used the term GP that you are in the UK and being treated by the NHS.

All the experts agree that BP control in renal patients is very important, the systolic pressure (the high number) should ideally not be higher than 140.

Many renal patients are on more than one BP tablet, I am on three. Ramapril and Amolodopine are in wide use, in different ways they do the same thing, they lower the BP by relaxing the walls of the blood vessels thus reducing the pressure.

I fully understand your miss trust of your GP, if this happened to me I would phone the renal nurses at the hospital that is looking after me, they in turn would speak with the consultant, when I have done this on other issues, I usually had an answer within the hour.


In some people Amlodipine causes swollen ankles. It did that to me, but otherwise, it was okay. If I had not had the problem with my ankles, I would have been happy to continue with it. I understand many people take it and don't have this problem.

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all decisions on bp meds are taken by my neph. if my gp has concerns about it he consults with my neph before suggesting changes


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