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Anyone had a phosphate enema for a flexi-sigmoidoscopy or other procedure?



I'm being investigated for pelvic floor pain and anorectal pain and my colorectal consultant wants me to have a flexi-sigmoidoscopy. To have the flexi-sig I am due to have a phosphate enema. If you've ever had a phosphate enema, I'd be grateful to know how you got on with it. Did you have any bad side effects afterwards? - If so, were they long lasting? I've read that some of the possible side effects are electrolyte imbalance, vomiting and anal blistering and - as I've had severe muscle spasms in the past that gave me severe pain for many weeks (which were caused by electrolyte imbalance after a bout of gastritis) - I'm daunted at the prospect. (I'm not having the 'full bowel prep' for the procedure because I'm allergic to senna.)

Thanks in advance for any replies regarding your experiences of this.

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Hi, I had this for bowel screening, I had no problems at all, but I suppose everyone is different. I also have muscle spasms all over my body, due to neuro problems, but I was fine with the flexi-sigmoidoscopy. Hope all is ok for you.


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Thanks so much for telling me of your experience, Suzie.

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