If you have a intussuception does it cause bloated and feeling full after eating small amounts?


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  • In my experience no, if it is a rectal intessusception. My symptom was difficulty with bowel movements.

  • Have you been diagnosed with Intussuception? Did you have a Proctogram? Do you know details or if anything else was found? For example rectocele and details of that?

    Have you had any investigations of the upper Gastro regions? For example Barium Swallow, Ultrasound scan of abdomen or gastroscope?

    I think there are various digestive conditions that can lead to bloating. Have you ever been told you have an Irritable Bowel?

    When transit of stool is slow and feces is retained in Diverticular then trapped air or lower down trapped gas/wind can cause bloating. This is helped by keeping the bowels moving with plenty water, healthy, balanced high fibre diet or using Fybogels and Lactulose medicine if necessary. When my bowel fills up and doesn't empty sometimes my abdomen inflates like a balloon !!! I think this is because the section of the large bowel that crosses the upper abdomen puts pressure on the stomach and it can't empty properly. Transit (food motility) is slow . After bringing up AND passing wind things start moving again. When 'blockage' persists for a while then I've had projectile vomitting. Best avoided by stricter eating, rest and routine! !!


    Is the bloating constant and lasted three weeks? In this case you need to tell GP as they will want to do a specific blood test for elimination purposes.

    Google " bloating - NHS Choices"



  • I developed those symptoms after ventral mesh rectopexy and STARR for supposedly intussusception; I guess blockage of the rectum or bowels for any reason causes it

  • When i had the proctogram it was the radiographer who said it is telescoping into its self. She said her boss would look at it. To confirm what it is.

    The bloating has lasted for 2 years or more.

    I've only ever been seen by a gynaecologist its only one appointment so far i have had with a gastroenterology.

    Couple of years ago though i did have a tube down my throat and rectum. Everything was fine.

  • Are you doing the Pelvic floor exercises every day? At least four tImes a day?

    When you say it has lasted two years or more - you do mean intermittently don't you?

    I would imagine that the gynaecologist did the blood test I'm thinking of if you mentioned bloating. I will check out the test and come back, think it's something like Ca125.

    Have you only had the Proctogram? Is gynae refering you to Colorectal Consultant?

    I only found out all my results when I applied for copies of my hospital records. A GP did mention the Intussuception a year or more later.

    Do you eat a lot of cauliflower, sprouts, beans, drink fizzy drinks? If so you could try giving these up for a while.

    I'm surprised you haven't had a Barium Enema. Have you had problems with constipation from time to time. You may have Diverticular in any section of the bowels. I have in all three. You may have a Rectocele but that would be included in the Consultant Radiologists report. I thought only Consultants did Proctograms. Perhaps it varies from area to area. I am in South Wales.

    If I were you then I would contact Gastroenterology and ask for a Barium Swallow.

    Also Ultrasound scan of your abdomen.

    You could ask your GP for Barium Enema or try Gynaecologist if you are seeing them again, perhaps they will refer you to Colorectal people for this.

    I have not had surgery for my Full Thickness Intra-Rectal Intussuception nor Large Anterior Rectocele. I would be reluctant to and would give it some thought if offered but no one offered anyway!

    It's a case of retraining the bowels with good diet and pelvic floor exercises. General gentle exercise, relaxing and keeping positive.


  • Hi

    Yeah ive had the CA-125 a few times over the past years. It's always come back normal.

    I've suffered for has long as i can remember with constipation.

    I'm under a colorectol consultant now.

    Even when i wake up and eat or drink i start bloating.

    I can only eat small meals


  • Has the Colorectal Consultant ordered a Barium Enema xray?

    Has the Gastroenterologist requested a Barium Swallow xray?

    An Abdo Ultrasound scan would show if you had Gallstones. Ask Gastroenterologist for this also.

  • Hi again. That blood test is CA-125.

    You should ask your Gynaecologist I if you've had this (or GP).

    Another test I forgot to mention is the internal Ultrasound scan (Transvaginal).

    You could ask Gynaecologist about this.

    Do you have prolapsed womb also?


  • Forget that last question. I forgot about your surgery.




  • The bloating may be a symptom of IBS and constipation. I hope an appointment with a colorectal consultant will answer your queries.