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Back in bed!

Hi there, I am back in bed with acute pudental nerve pain that makes it impossible to sit without a special cushion. Everything is so sensitive that I'm back weeing using a shower head to try to reduce any contact on my skin. I had this 15 years ago and thought I would never be in this nightmare again but here I am again. Pudental nerve blocks have had no real impact and I just wondered if anyone could suggest anything. Xx

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Hi there, sorry for your pain. If I was not on medication I woulld be like you all the time. You do not say if your dr. has prescribed medication. I am on Gabapentin 400mg x 4 daily and I also now take Nortriptyline before bedtime. They take the edge off my pain and I now rarely resort to lying down to relieve the pain. However everyone is different. I could not tolerate Amitriptyline and others say Gabapentine does nothing for them.If you are not on prescription medication go to your doctor and keep trying until you find one that works for you.Takes time I'm affraid.I'm going for a second nerve block next week. First one only gave me a slight reduction in pain for 4-5 weeks then back to normal. Hope you find what works for you. Take care of yourself and keep searching.Joan xxx


Try to find an aqua therapy pool(90-100 degrees) to water walk. This will break the pain cycle and give you a break. Happy Holidays


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