Not posted here before.tonight pelvic pain is intolerable and is at it worst in the evening when I get up from sitting I can barely walk.mntioned it to gp but nothing done probably cos previous (tho not that recent)scans reveal started off low down and is spreading upwards ands the area is also swollen.the pain is in the bone.I think it maybe related to op I had to insert tape to support pelvic floor spoke to my gynae and said the op would provide lifetime support.

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  • Do you know what tape this is and what the procedure was ?

  • Hi I cant remember the name of the procedure or tape.just that it is a tape/mesh inserted to support the pelvic floor muscles and prevent stress incontinence.

  • hi, that mesh created a lot of problems for many women, I think you have nerve damage, I had a lot of swelling in my first months, once I took amitriptyline the inflammation slowly faded away.

    try a pain consultant....and they are stupid, btw, because nerves don't show up in a scan

  • I am on amitriptyline but it has no effect on pelvic pain.have had ultrasound scan and they said ovaries normal but did have a small fibroid.noone has suggested nerve pain.

  • any surgery can have a small risk of nerve damage. I have mine from repeated bartholin gland interventions...a lot of women have had problems with the mesh you mention...the pudendalhope forums have examples...

    and I had pain in the hip bones a lot at first, it is just referred pain

  • Yes, I suggest you see a pain consultant too, are you in the UK ?

  • Hi Judy yes I am but that would need a gp referral and mine has refused to refer me in the past even when advised by a&E drs.and when I have asked for referrals.

  • In that case I think you should complain to the PALS : Patient Advice and Liaison Service that is responsible for your GP practice or make an appointment to see the practice manager.

    Let us know how you get on, Good luck

  • hi Judy.i have complained to PALS recently about gp and two consultants who failed to accept what I told them and therefore not nowhere.,i also saw the practice manager and all she did was stick up for the doctor and threatened me with removal from their lists saying I didn't accept what they told me but they have not accepted what I told that is a no mp was also of no help.i fought for a year to get to see the rheumatologist by contacting his secretary and PALS and when I did finally get an appointment it was not the dr I saw and nor whose name was on the gp letter.even though they tried to say it was the same dr and I was made to look an idiot.the rheumy -DR B -I saw on 2 occasions was average height and blond and this second dr was tall and ginger haired and despite my persistence they swore blind it was the DR B.because of all this refusal to refer me and dismissal of symptoms etc I am at my wits end cos I have nowhere else to turn to and all i want are diagnoses .

  • I have similar issues, my gp surgery is in marylebone and they are the worst I've ever seen, worse than east europe....the problem lies in not being able to see specialists directly , if the nhs were to get rid of GPs they would actually save a lot of money...when GPs aren't doing their job people go to walk in clinics, A&E, this costs a lot of money

  • What part of the country are you ?

  • north east-northumberland

  • Our post is truly shocking and I'm so sorry you have had this experience. You could see. Someone privately but I really appreciate that you should be supported by the NHS. The problem is nerve damage/entrapment if this is what you have is very difficult to detect and there is a real lack of expertise. Could you change GP? Will your local hospital support your condition if you went again to a and e?

  • Ask to be referred to Dr Hughes at James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough and please let me know if this is refused

  • hi judy I take heed on what you say.middlesbrough is too far for me to travel easiest hospital to get to is the BGH in Scottish borders.

  • I would change GP. I had problems a but like this and changed to a small practice which has given more continuity and got to know them more. You can look using your postcode at and see reviews. I hope this helps. And yes you can get a choose and book referral to the consultant Judy suggests.

  • hi there are only 2 surgeries in town.and I was registered at one but had a crap gp so changed practices so changing back is not an option even tho looking on nhs site the other surgery has a better rating- 6%more.i don't drive and any other surgery are in surrounding villages and not easy to get to.i know it probably seems like im making excuses .seeing gp today re rectal bleeding and the nurse told me she is expert in gynae problems so may discuss pelvic pain.

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