How much does it cost to see Mr Greenslade for a consultation

I am thinking of trying to pay (or do some fundraising) to see Mr Greenslade in Bristol for a pelvic pain assessment. On the NHS , I will wait until about Aug to see him, but I could see him much sooner if I pay. Its not fair, eh : (. My question is this though; I am wanting a pudendal nerve block done by him as ive had one before in London and it worked for 2 mths, but I will need this done on the NHS as would be mega pricey privately. Would paying to see him actually help me get the block done quicker on the NHS, (because I could go on the waiting list much sooner for the nerve block if I see him in April rather than August for the initial consultation), or would I end up waiting just as long anyway. My pain has flared up at the moment and is now unbearable despite very high morphine doses : (

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  • I think this would save several months waiting as the NHS wait is repeated, first for consultation and then for follow up. A private consult can avoid the initial wait.

  • I saw Mr green space privately last Nov and paid £250 for an he consultation and an ultra sound test. He immediately diagnosed PNE and I had bilateral decompression surgery Jan 2014 (2 months ago) I also had bilateral nerve blocks in Bristol and think they cost approx £500? Sorry to be vague but was fortunate to go privately as I have health insurance. Gareth is fantastic, he really explains things in detail and puts you at ease· He uses the mantle criteria to diagnose PNE and is happy to answer any question. I'm not expert but feel sure once you are in the system then things should move at a faster pace·

    If you want to know anymore then please get in touch· The very best of luck you are in safe hands seeing gareth

  • How much pain reduction have you had since your op'did you have the op at the Spires Bristol .Mr Wong did my surgery he was very knowledgable on symptoms on pudendul nerve he did is training abroad I think it was Nantes in france

  • I had surgery spire Bristol and Mr Wong was the surgeon. I had surgery 12 weeks ago and had a 50% reduction pain so far. I am continually having flare ups but the pain is less angry and electric so will take what I can. Hoping to return to work June/ July but watch this space. I ring Mr Wong when I get too concerned and to date he's been great and talks to me but as you know this condition is eratic to say the least!!

    I hope you get some relief as I appreciate first hand how rubbish this is

  • poppy I' thinking of getting surgery done from dr greenslade I have heard some people say the after care is not excisitant...It would be brilliant to hear from someone who knows

  • I suggest you look back properly over Poppy's posts.......and very sadly it has not been a happy ending for her and Bristol treated her very poorly when it went wrong......also her story is on Pudendal heart breaks fro her.

  • Should read Mr Gareth Greendale!

  • It's 300 for an initial consultation I had one then follow up 150. He can do the block on the day if you will have it ultrasound guided and not CT.

  • Hi Poppy, did Mr Greenslade do your decompression surgery, or did you have that done in France?

    I would be really interested in knowing how you are following surgery.

    Like the original questioner, I am in despair and have no appointments scheduled, I feel in limbo!

    Any advice would help & from what you said, Mr Greenslade sounds lovely.

    Thank you,

    Sue xx

  • H Sue

    I saw Mr Greensdale in Bristol Nov 2013 for an initial consultation and he charged £250 for an hr and also gave me a high quality ultra sound examination· I had already had CT guided bilateral nerve blocks in the Bristol the week before my consultation and the nerve blocks caused a massive flare up and possible internal bleeding . Mr Greensdale during the consultation was fantastic he was the first specialist in a long line of them I'd already seen that finally understood my pain and symptoms, felt like crying!! He went through the nante criteria with me a check list basically and could tell from the fact I was unable to sit during the consultation and was in obvious distress what my main symptoms were. After approx 50 mins consultation where he patiently listened and answered numerous questions he asked me to lie on the bed face down for a high quality ultra sound examination with the view to more bilateral nerve blocks. However the ultra sound immediately showed that both arteries were very sluggish and I had huge electrical activity as screen kept flashing red! He showed my husband and explained to me that the evidence was conclusive I had bilateral PNE and he recommended bilateral nerve decompression surgery asap.

    I had the surgery in frenchay hospital in Jan 2014 and the surgeon was Mr Chris Wong , Mr Greensdale partner. Both gentlemen trained together in nante in France under the guidance of the professor . Mr Wong is equally patient and alleviated my fears and in my humble opinion an excellent surgeon.

    I wouldn't go into detail about surgery until it's an option as its a tough decision by I promise there is help and support out there so don't give up! You need to stay mentally strong as recovery from this condition can be long, painful and frustrating!

    I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have but never give up hope

  • I'm not sure ,but I had my blocks done in London by Dr Baranowski, under sedation. I'm not sure whether Dr Greenslade uses sedation so that might be something to consider. I've also read that it's much cheaper to get them done in France, so if you're paying, it might be worth considering a trip. I'd have thought that the severity of your pain would be a consideration for NHS treatment , but who knows these days?

  • The nerve blocks are not done under sedation with Mr Greenslade but I believe some drs do sedate you?


    How are you getting on and how's the pain? Hope you have managed to see someone that hopefully knows about this condition

    Wishing you much luck and best wishes

  • I had a consultation with Mr Wong at the Spires hospital Bristol 2years and 3 months ago the cost was £150 pound and I waited 2weeks for my operation. The cost of the operation was about £2700 .I would say my pain is about 25 per cent better"

  • Anthonyian

    Did you have bilateral surgery at the time and are you able to have quality of life and maybe return to work etc?

    Sorry to learn it's only 25% better. Have you remained in contact with Mr Wong and has he suggested anything to help?

  • 2 years and 3months ago I had a consultation with Mr Wong at Bristol .I paid £150 pound for the consultation. Mr wong did the surgery 2weeks .after .he extended the canel where the nerve was trapped and removed a twisted ligament The only contact I have had since my op was a tele phone App because I had a 3hour journey to see him The cost of the op was £2700

  • I am still having app with pain management they are a excellent team I suffered for 2years with the most severe pain the doctors sent me for different scans to try and find out what causing it then they got me an app with Doc Hobbs and he told me straight away it was pudendul nerve he did 3nerve blocks over a period of time but I did not get any benifits from these .

  • Hi poppy, i booked a private consultation with Mr greenslade yesterday , i could not believe how helpful his secretary was , i just wanted to thank u for putting all your info on here .I go in a month , feeling for the first time I'm doing something positive about this. How r u doing after your surgery now? X

  • That's great news I really hope you manage to find some answers and a route to recovery. I'm going ok managing to swim several times a week but walking and driving still very painful

    Good luck with your app and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have if I can help?

  • Hi jomoney how did your consultation go with Mr Greenslade, hopefully you have some answers and a plan for the future? Hope you are managing your plan?

    Hi sue just wondering how you are feeling and what your situation is. Really hope you are ok?

    Take care

  • I have just been to see Dr. Gareth Greenslade at the Nuffield Hospital in Bristol. I was charged £300 for an hours consultation. I do not have private medicine cover as I have the possibility of MS over me. He gave me a diagnostic nerve block which he directed via an ultrasound machine, to tell whether I have PNE. It wasn't conclusive but because of my symptoms he feel I tick most of the boxes, although PNE is very difficult to specifically diagnose. However, it did deaden my sciatic nerve as well which meant I couldn't walk for 24 hours while the sedative wore off. I have since seen a Women's Health Physiotherapist at The Circle in Bath who I'm hoping can help me before I go down the route of PNE decompression. I am now on a constant flare up. Good luck..

  • I was at that point. You need to raise £300 and have a joint consultation with mr Greenslade pain management anaesthetist and mr Dixon surgeon. I didn't wait for the second nerve block. Once I was sure I went for the operation which my family funded. It cost £3500 . 6 days post op and 50% better. Good luck. Sheila.

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