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mixing with Child with Cystic FIbrosis

Hi. My daughter is starting high school in September. She has PCD and there is a...

Chest physio

Hi how many times a day would you say i must give my son chest physio thank you

Adults with PCD

I am 28 yrs old with PCD, My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for ...
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Doctor or not

Hi my son has pcd he is 7years old he have pcd and he startet now with croup mus...

Advise on pcd

Hi every one my son is 7 years old and he was last moth diagnosed with pcd and i...


I suffer from reverse of the organs and PCD and recently I have been suffering w...

my day

Today was the first time ever a doctor wanted to hospitalized me for a lung infe...

Wife of a PCD sufferer

Hi, Im new to this forum but I was just wondering if there are any adults with P...

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