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Adult PCD specialist centre in North West UK?


Hey everyone,

Are there any adult PCD specialist centres in the North West of the UK? What are your experiences of adult centres? I am currently treated at a CF unit in Manchester. Many thanks in advance :)

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The PCD specialist centre in the North is the Leeds/Bradford one. The adult PCD doctor to be referred to there is Prof. Daniel Peckham. I know in paediatrics that sometimes there will be regional clinics (e.g. the Leeds team will run a clinic in Liverpool), but am not sure if this happens in Adults yet. Hope this helps but please contact me if you have further questions and we can make enquiries. My email is

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I’m under the care of a great team at the Freeman but have never seen a specialist PCD centre. Do you think this is something I should look in to doing?? I also live in the North West.

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Thank you Lucy 👍