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New diagnosis


Hi, I was finally diagnosed with PCD yesterday as it came up on the 100,000 genome project. I’ve been diagnosed with bronchiectasis since age four, I am now twenty one. Basically I was looking to connect with other PCD sufferers that are around my age as I find talking to people who truly understand so helpful. Thank you so much.


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Hi Beth,

Welcome to the club! Annoying as a diagnosis is, hopefully it's brought you some reassurance and clearer understanding.

Make sure you take a look at our website for any info. If you are UK based and want to meet others with pcd, we have a patient-led Facebook group called PCD Connect (there are similar ones out there but our one has a light blue and grey logo with a chain link between PCD and connect).

Again if you are UK based you should make sure you've been referred to one of the UK specialist PCD centres: Leeds, Leicester, Southampton, London (Royal Brompton).

Email me at if you have questions about this. Take care!

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